Minutes of the OVH Meeting

18 December 2000

The meeting was called to order at 2002 by Don "Butch" Blasdell (W4HJL) acting as Chair.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 19 Members.

The past month's minutes and current financial status were approved by the membership.

Committee Reports

VE Session: Butch Blasdell (W4HJL)

The session went well. We had 16 show up. Three passed the Extra and a couple passed the General. For the next one, we need to look into the parking situation. For the Hamfest, the Bennett School is still the site. Autocall has an early deadline, so if we want to advertise the session or recruit extra VEs, we need to get it done! Good Job Ruth!

Repeaters: Art Whittum (KW4AW)

Butch was tasked to get surge protectors (and Butch has not). Scheduled install 27th/28th so that NOVEC's electrical contractor can check the work. Three machines are up and operational.

Packet: Bill South (N4WJN)

Up and working.

Net: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Jeff would like some help in configuring an interface to directly connect the radio to the tape player to reduce "air noise" and make the transmission more unintelligible.

ARES: Brian Cochran (KE4NFK)

Christmas parade was a great success. Thanks to all those who helped out. The PA system is not going to be loaned next year. For those interested, there will be a Santa net on 147.300, 146.820 and 146.475. For next year, it is suggested that NCS be moved from the head of the parade to somewhere more central due to the problems of contact with Station F (at the end of the parade). There is also a suggestion that a pole antenna be rigged at NCS, similar to the set up for the bike tour.

New Business

VE Exam: Art Whittum (KW4AW)

The point was raised about holding the test for no charge, and pay the costs to the ARRL out of the club funds. Art motioned, and was seconded to task Keith to find out what the cost would be to the club per exam/person. Motion passed. Pending the outcome of that research, a decision will be made about charging, or not, for the course.


David (KG4GIY), has been snowed under and not able to advance the banner for this meeting. Steve (N4OGR) presented another suggestion to be added to the ones by Bill (N4WJN) and David. "Final" suggestions should be posted to the web site (http://www.qsl.net/olevahams/) by the next meeting.

ARES Support request: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)/ Garry Cavell (K4MRL)

Gary received a request from the GMVRS chief for OVH to support them in emergency communication situations. Action passed to Erv Whalen (KT4DS) as former EC to contact the chief and get the straight story and educate him about the standing ARES organization and Manassas City EOC.

Donations: Bill South (N4WJN)

Bill brings up the issue that last year we donated $100 to QSLNet. He was unsure about whether we donated to Newsline for this year (The issue was tabled pending the outcome of the Hamfest). $100 was the requested amount as the Newsline donation. Both motions were passed.

ARRL is looking for funds to support WRC 2003. $100 was requested and passed.


Vienna Wireless will have a free table at their Frost Fest for OVH. It will be held at the NVCC Annendale campus on 25 February 2001. There will be three programs, and Randy Hollingsworth of the FCC will be a featured speaker.

The Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) has scholarships available. Interested candidates should apply to the FAR.

Finally, Art Whittum (KW4AW) challenged the club to become familiar with some of the test equipment we should all know. He further challenged us to learn the three pieces of gear he brought and then teach their knowledge to someone else in the club (and tell two friends and so on).

The next meeting is Monday 15 January 2001. Art will chair.

Meeting adjourned at 2107.