Minutes of the OVH Meeting

17 December 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2002h by President Jeff Poulin/N1SN.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 15 Members

The Treasurer's report (Bill South/N4WJN) was passed. The past month's minutes were passed, pending later changes if any because some people had difficulty receiving minutes because of computer glitch.

Committee Reports

Classes and VE Session: Bill Hinely/K9ZD Classes ended the previous Thursday. Next class starts in March. Bill will contact Bill South/N4WJN and Steve Frick/N4OGR re publicity on the web and elsewhere. The VE session on December 9 was a success. Thanks to all those who helped. 16 people took the test. 11 passed as Technicians; 2 passed as Generals; and 1 passed as Extra. 2 failed. Congratulations were extended to Charlotte Coghill who passed. New call sign is KG4QXO.

Membership: Susan Poulin/K3SSP No one was read in. Tim Fritsch/KG4OJG and Chris Bertaut/KU4FT were voted in. Congratulations and welcome to the OVH.

New Business

Ken Coghill/WB4ZOH will become the "Voice of OVH" by conducting the weekly OVH Thursday night nets starting the first week of January 2002.

Bill Hinely/K9ZD posed two questions: 1) does anyone have any interest in higher license class education programs and 2) what can we do about reaching out to youth groups, schools, scouts, church groups, etc. Members are asked to reflect on these questions and send any comments to Bill.

Steve Frick/N4OGR pointed out that a picture of Butch at JOTA is on Page 19 of QST. Steve also raised whether the club wanted to participate in the next Manassas Christmas Parade (e.g., a float, decorated vehicle) in addition to providing communications. As a committee of one, Steve said he would contact parade officials regarding application requirements. Steve also raised the possibility of establishing a generator maintenance schedule or at least preparation of Standard Operating Procedure and fact sheet with service information to be attached to the generators.

Susan/K3SSP asked whether we could get to the generators at the shed if all electricity went out since the storage business has a gate/barricade which requires electricity. This issue was initially raised at the "Radio in the Park" event a few weeks earlier. Jeff Poulin/N1SN agreed to query storage facility regarding backup capability to get through gate after usual business hours if electricity is out.

No 50-50 because David Lane/KG4GIY (secretary and keeper of the 50-50 material) was not present. He was attending a Prince William County event dealing with September 11.

The Program: Packet Basics (excellent program presented by Bill South/N4WJN)

The meeting was adjourned at 2137hr. The next meeting is Monday January 21, 2001 at 2000hr.