Minutes of the OVH Meeting

Dec. 16, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2003 by Vice President Ruth Frock/KU4WH.

Following the Pledge of Allegience, all present (20 members and two guests) stated their names and call signs.

The minutes of the November 2002 OVH meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report - Bill/N4WJN. Bill read the highlights of the report, and the report passed.

Committee Reports:

Repeaters - Karl/W4KRL - Karl did some detailed research and gave a presentation on the OVH repeater batteries. Karl’s basic conclusion is that the back-up battery for the repeaters is at the end of its life, and no one present disagreed with that conclusion following Karl‘s presentation. Karl recommended that we replace the current battery with a new and larger (higher capacity) one. Karl recommended that we budget to replace the battery every 8 years. That brings annual cost to about $50 per year. The battery will act as a reserve power source. The current battery has six cells, and all but one have problems. Bottom line - the current battery is dead and the OVH repeaters will not function if there is a general power outage and emergency power does not function. In general discussion at the OVH meeting, it was noted that it will be during those types of emergency situations that the OVH repeaters will be of the most value to the OVH and the local community.

There are several options for new batteries and chargers. Karl recommended that we upgrade the capacity of the battery. Another option is to have a different set of batteries for all three repeaters.

Karl recommends that we get a "high-rate" charger.

There is plenty of physical space for the larger battery.

One upgraded battery would be $430. Three batteries to backup all three repeaters would be about three times that amount.

Brian - N8FK offered to loan his gel-cell batteries in the short term. Thank you Brian for your generous offer.

The general consensus of those present at the meeting is that we can go with one repeater now (probably the 2M machine), and possibly upgrade to other repeaters later.

John/KG4NXT made a motion that as a minimum we consider the upgraded for one repeater. Though no formal motion was passed, it was generally agreed by those present that the budget committee take up the issue of upgrading the backup battery for one repeater.

Thank you Karl/W4KRL for your research into and presentation on this important topic.

Education - Dwight/K9ERF - A teacher at Fred Lind Middle School (Curtis Smith) has a complete radio station but no hams. They don't have any 2M radios though. It was generally agreed that we need to get Mr. Smith licensed. This would increase interest among young people in Ham Radio at that school.

Hamfest - Jack/N4YIC - We need to get our Webpage updated to reflect the date of the upcoming Hamfest. The date is June 1, 2003.

Jack suggested that we drop the table price from $30 to $20. We had rather lackluster participation among vendors at our 2002 Hamfest. The idea is to encourage more participation among vendors. Jack also suggested that we increase the talegate fees to $6 for each spot to reflect the change in general admission that began with the 2002 Hamfest. OVH Treasurer Bill/N4WJN noted that the $6 admission charge and the one dollar bills were easier than expected in terms of providing change to attendees.

Jack/N4YIC made a motion that we increase the talegate fee to $6 from $5 and decrease the table fee to $20 from $30. Jack's motion passed.

We need to order tickets for the Hamfest.

Jack and Butch/W4HJL will meet with the new manager of the PWC Fairgrounds (Keith Johnson).

Membership - Charlotte/KG4QXO - Matt Berger / KG4UNL was voted in. Welcome to the Ole Virginia Hams, Matt.

Three potential new OVH members were read in, and will be voted on at the January 2003 OVH meeting: Peter Jensen/KG4WAQ, Mark Cleveland/KG4JAM, and Mark Braunstein/WA4KFZ.

Thank you Charlotte for doing an excellent job of keeping track of all current, new and potential new members of the Ole Virginia Hams.

F.A.R. - Mary Lu/KB4EFP and Ruth / KU4WH - Autocall has a new format All seems to be going o.k. with the increased price of Autocall.

Weekly Nets - Ken/KB4ZOH - The Weekly Nets are going well. Jack/N4YIC suggested that maybe we add a technical section to the net.

ARES - Brian/N8FK - Not much is going currently on. The MS walk will be the next event. Brian thanked everyone for the use of the use of the OVH tri-band beam and all of those who helped with the Manassas holiday parade. Bill N4/WJNasked if we are being asked to provide transportation to doctors during emergencies. The general consensus was that we have not at this point.


Club Historian - Theresa/KG4TVM - Theresa by letter said that she will go through the club roster and will contact people to get ideas on historical OVH information.

Old Business:

There was no "old business."

New Business:


Erv/KT4DS - Erv will take care of the change in the door lock at the NOVEC sight. We had trouble entering the building at the December 2002 meeting because the code for the electronic key was changed.

Jack/N4YIC - We had some equipment donated to the club that we can sell, an ICOM 735, an HF amplifier, and a watt meter.

Steve/N4OGR - Steve noted that in past years we have always made a donation to Amateur Radio Newsline - Ruth motioned that we donate /$100 to Newsline. The motion passed. We want to donate it before the end of the year.

Dwight/K9ERF - suggested that we have an emergency fund for the repeaters. Mary Lu/KB4EFP noted that money is put aside to purchase and maintain repeater equipment.

Ken/KB4ZOH - suggested that we purchase a rotor for the antenna for field day. That will be considered by the Finance Committee.

Bill/N4WJN - Packet - 220 packet has been down for a while. We need the "code" to get access to the building where the node sight is.

For everyone with call sign changes and amateur class upgrades, e-mail that information to Bill. But Bill has to see it in the databases (FCC, QRZ, etc.) before he can make a change on the OVH website.

The meeting adjourned at 2143 Eastern time.