Minutes of the OVH Meeting

December 20, 2004


Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 23 OVH members and three guests present.




MINUTES – The minutes of the November 2004 OVH meeting were approved with no corrections.


REPEATERS – Butch/W4HJL - The repeaters are working well.  We had a short discussion regarding some of the noises heard on the repeater.  Art/W1CRO provided technical explanations for some of the noises that we have been hearing on the repeaters.  The battery backups that we installed last year are working very well.


EDUCATION – Brian/WC4J – We are working on having a Saturday class.  Brian is looking for another possible location.  John/WA1STU said that he’s ready to go.  We had a short discussion and exchanged various ideas on how a class may be conducted.


HAMFEST – Ruth/KU4WH – We will meet shortly after the New Year to get things rolling.  Keith/KM4AA has graciously volunteered to be the OVH Hamfest Chairman.  Thank you Keith.

MEMBERSHIP - John/WA1STU – Dwight Agnew/N4GSD was voted into the OVH by a unanimous vote.


FAR - Mary Lu/KB4EFP – FAR is accepting applications for 55 scholarships for the 2005/2006 academic year.  For more information, please contact Diane Zimmerman at AA3OF@arrl.net.


WEEKLY NETS – Ruth/KU4WH – The Nets are going well.  New volunteers to help with the weekly net are always welcome


ARES – Brian/WC4J – Brian noted that we need to check our batteries in preparation for Winter.  Ruth/KU4WH thanked everyone who helped with the Manassas Christmas Parade.


JOTA – Ruth/KU4WH – We had a very nice Thank You Letter from Cub Scout Pack 1195, which had 14 scouts at the OVH JOTA Event.  Ruth presented badges to all OVH members who helped with that event.  Thank you to all who helped.


SUNSHINE - Ruth/KU4WH – Ruth thanked John/KG4NXT and Theresa/KG4TVM (The Heartneys) for their hospitality in hosting the OVH holiday party.  Thank you John and Theresa.


TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill/N3OH – Bill presented the Treasurer’s report.




Steve/N4OGR and Jan/KE4TMW provided information on a charity that they are supporting for the Fisher House.  Fisher House provides support for wounded members of the U.S. armed forces and discounted housing for their families.





George/K4GVT suggested that we have a BPL Committee and a regular report for the OVH meetings.  Ken/WB4ZOH gave us an update on new BPL locations that he has spotted.  If you have an HF rig in your car, you can help find BPL interference.


Brian/WC4J – Brian suggested that we may have a raffle to help raise funds.  Brian will submit a proposal to the Board and Budget Committee.


Dwight/N4GSD – Dwight suggested that once a month or so that those of us who have time and would like get together informally to operate ham radios or just get together for lunch or dinner.


Art/W1CRO asked if we donated to QSL.  After looking in the minutes of previous meetings, we noted that we voted at the May 2004 meeting to donate $100.  We had not yet made that donation, but now will.




Theresa/KG4TVM – About 40 OVH members and guests showed up for the Christmas party and 29 toys were donated for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots charity.  Thank you to all who donated to the Toys for Tots charity.


Packet/Bill N4WJN – A local packet system (the NIH node) is being shut down.  Bill read a letter from NIH noting why they are shutting down their operation.


50/50 - We collected $37.  Mary Lu/KB4EFP won and collected $19.  The Club collected $18.


Ruth/KU4WH noted that there is a Hamfest in Odenton Maryland MMARC at the end of January.


Brian/WC4J introduced Kyle/W4KTF and Sandra/KI4HVG (Fox) who were guests at the OVH meeting. 


The meeting adjourned at 2119 Eastern time.