Minutes of the OVH Meeting

December 19, 2005


John/KG4NXT called meeting to order at 2002 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 17 OVH members present.




The minutes of the November 2005 OVH meeting were approved with one minor correction.


Bill/N3OH read the Treasurer’s Report.


John/KG4NXT read a thank you letter from Russell Stevens/WB4HHN and Pat Stevens/WA4ODQ, the parents of James Stevens/KI4FPC, who passed away recently.  The OVH Sunshine Committee recently sent James’s parents a condolence letter regarding the loss of their son.  John also read a thank you letter from Tais Farahmand, whose brother Ashil Farahmand received an OVH scholarship in 2004 (now known as the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship as renamed during the January 2005 OVH meeting).


REPEATERS – Butch/W4HJLThe batteries are still up and running very well thanks to Karl/W4KRL.  Other work will be done when the temperature warms up a bit.  The repeaters are working well.  The new 2M repeater antennas have been arranged to help with range.  One of the yagis is not working properly, but that problem should be solved in time.


MEMBERSHIP – John/KG4NXTJohn Jay Outland/KI4MNH was read in and will be voted on for OVH membership at the Jan 2006 meeting.  Kevin Utzy/KA4RNH and Barry Whitney/KI4IAK were voted in unanimously.  Welcome to the OVH Kevin and Barry.


BPL – Butch/W4HJLWe had good attendance at the recent BPL meeting.  The BPL folks say that they need some more time to do the notching.  Butch said that that the noise at some of the sites is quite low, but George/K4GVT noted a tremendous amount of noise at another site.  Several OVH members have submitted complaint letters to the FCC.  There will be another meeting with the BPL people on Jan 15, 2006.  Butch has sent letters to Senator Warner and Representative Wolf.  Senator Warner has spoken to the FCC regarding this issue.  Ken/WB4ZOH noted that he is still waiting to have his BPL installed at his residence.  Ken has waited for over a year now.  Good luck Ken!!!


CLUB EC – David/KI4AZX – David suggested that we be safe over the holiday season.


Mark/WA4KFZ brought in some new designs for a Club logo.




NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Butch/W4HJL – Butch noted that we are looking for candidates to be officers of the Club, including the current officers and any new prospective officers.


Butch/W4HJL noted that we need a Hamfest Chairman.


Ken/WB4ZOH noted that Charlotte got home on Saturday.  Charlotte is recovering from Post Polio Syndrome, and is now doing much better.  Ken and Charlotte appreciate everyone’s visits, cards, thoughts and prayers.  Charlotte will have physical therapy three times per week.  Mend A House will be around in March or April 2006 to help with mobility issues in Ken’s and Charlotte’s home.




50/50 - $20 was collected, and despite Al’s (KB4BHB’s) very long odds given that Phil/AC4PL conducted the drawing, Al/KB4BHB somehow managed to win!!  Al graciously donated his winning share back to the Club.  Thank you Al, and congratulations.


Mary Lu/KB4EFP noted that John/WA1STU hopes to start a new Technician class in February or March, 2006.


The meeting adjourned at 2045 Eastern time.




Happy New Year!  Hope your resolutions include more time with the hobby!


Congratulations to Elizabeth/KG4NXV, who has been accepted to Duke University under their early decision program!


Happy Birthday to our fellow Hams:  Ed/WD4AVU, Elizabeth/KG4NXV, Alan/WA2GTT, Tom/K4OPS, Milt/N4SN, Chuck/W4XP, llie/KF4NBO, Woody/N4MQ and John/WA1STU.  Hope each of you has a great day!


Thanks and 73 de Jan /KE4TMW