Minutes of the OVH Meeting

December 18, 2006



John / KG4NXT called meeting to order at 1931 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 19 OVH members and one guest present.




John / KG4NXT noted that Paul / W4ZB has graciously volunteered to be the new OVH Newsletter Editor.  Thank you Paul for your support.


John / KG4NXT noted that OVH member Wayne Phillips / N7QLK has just returned to the United States after his second tour of duty in the Middle East.  Thank you Wayne for your unselfish sacrifice and dedication to the United States and all of the free people of the world, and for your help in the process of winning the War on Terror.


George / K4GVT noted that Art / W1CRO was scheduled for surgery today.  The problem is that the batteries in Art’s pacemaker are nearly depleted and need to be replaced.  The other problem is that the surgeon who was scheduled to perform the operation also had a problem and could not make it.  The good news is that Art is doing fine and the surgery has been rescheduled for this Wednesday (December 20, 2006).  We all wish you well, Art.  (Secretary’s note – It has been confirmed since the December 2006 OVH meeting that Art’s delayed surgery was successful, and Art is doing very well.)


BPL - George / K4GVT – George noted that the OVH has put out a tremendous effort regarding BPL.  According to the FCC, the FCC has been to Manassas to investigate the complaints regarding BPL interference and claims that Comtec is “within specification.”  However, we have not seen any sign of the FCC in the area, despite the fact that FCC had promised that the OVH would be involved in the testing.  We have requested FCCs supporting data, and according to the FCC we should receive that shortly.  Unfortunately, all of the complaints are based on mobile data, and we don’t have any complaints from fixed stations in Manassas.  Bill / N3OH noted that the Part 15 rules were modified to indicate that mobile stations do not carry the same weight as fixed stations, under the assumption that a mobile station can move away from the interference.  It appears that the FCC does not know when the BPL system is fully loaded.  George and Bill also noted that if an amateur operator is operating legally and making a legal transmission, a BPL subscriber has no recourse under Part 15 if interference occurs as a result of the Amateur’s legal transmission.  George requested that if we know an Amateur in the city of Manassas, whether or not that Amateur is an OVH member, that we let George know so we can contact that person to request help and support.


MEMBERSHIP - Joe / KI4OHR – A potential new member, Michael Henry / KI4SNR, who was in the OVH Technician class and just became licensed, was read in and will be voted on at the January 2007 OVH meeting.  Phineas “Finny” Henshaw / K0KMA was voted into the OVH unanimously.  Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams, Finny.


REPEATERS - Butch / W4HJL – The repeaters are working well.  There are several projects regarding the repeaters that will get underway in January.


EDUCATION - Brian / WC4J – The have some new hams as a result of the Technician class, and a few more should be licensed shortly.  Plans are underway for another class in the Spring of 2007.  Thank you Brian for your help with OVH’s amateur radio education efforts.


John / KG4NXT noted that you can use the internet to use an actual amateur radio station at www.W4MQ.com.  Go to the website for information and to download the necessary software.  We may have a presentation regarding this station at the January 2007 OVH meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill / N3OH – Bill read the Treasurer’s report.  Bill noted that at the end of his current term that expires in February 2007, that he will have been the OVH Treasurer for eight years, and needs to retire.  Thank you Bill for your long and dedicated support as the OVH Treasurer.


The minutes of the November 2006 OVH meeting were approved with no corrections.


John / KG4NXT noted that OVH friend Ray Hinegardner passed away in October.  His wife was at the OVH Christmas/Holiday party.  Ray was not an OVH member, but He was a very good friend to many in the Club and He will be missed.




Joe / KI4OHR introduced his daughter Rachel, who is a student at Cedar Park Elementary, to those present.  Joe had a meeting with Rachel’s science teacher, who is helping coordinate the ISS event.  The application for a contact time with the ISS was received by the ARRL, but it might take up to two years to get a contact time.  Hopefully things will work out regarding the ISS event.  Regardless, there are many other activities that her school can do to promote amateur radio.


50/50 - $38 was collected, and Theresa / KG4TVM won.  Theresa donated her winning share of $19 back to the Club and requested that it be applied to the Harry D. Vorhauer



Butch / W4HJL noted that OVH elections will take place at the February 2007 OVH meeting.  Nominations should be completed some time around the January 2007 meeting.  However, any member can be written in and voted on at the elections, with the exception of those running for President who must have been a member of OVH for at least one year and must have at least General class Amateur privileges.


Theresa / KG4TVM thanked everyone who donated to Toys for Tots.  We had a tremendous response.  Thanks go to all who contributed.


The meeting adjourned at 2023.