Minutes of OVH Meeting

20 DEC 1999

The meeting started at 8:02 PM. After the pledge of allegiance, all present stated their name and callsign. There were 16 members and 2 guests present.


Harry /W4PVA, presented the program a brief history of radio and electronics. This discussion covered the time span from the 1920s until the current time. Some of the developments Harry talked about were the use of a crystal radio with the earphones on a bowl to allow his family to listen, the development of the vacuum tube, the use of galvanometers to detect current flow, the use of battery powered home receivers, the reason for labeling of the batteries as A, B, and C cells. A fox hunt with the local ham club where Harry was operating the fox transmitter, and hid on the top of a car lift inside a service station. Also a discussion of the development of the transistor. This was a very interesting talk. Thank You Harry.



The past months minutes and the current financial report were approved.

There was a discussion of donations, which OVH makes during December each year, to various organizations.

Manassas Christmas Parade - Art / KW4AW Good comments have been heard about OVH's communications coverage of the parade.

OVH officer nominations will be held at the January OVH meeting. All members are urged to attend, and participate.

The YL net on Sunday nights was discussed. Many thanks to Lisa / KF4FJD for running the net. It is requested that someone else assists or takes over the running of this net. It is desired to keep this net operating. Please remember to participate. Ruth / KU4WH indicated that she is willing to organize and operate the net if there is sufficient interest.


A report of interference to some of the NVFMA repeaters was discussed.

There is some new/different interference to the OVH 2-meter repeater. Members are to note any characteristics of this interference and pass along to the repeater committee, to assist in the identification and correction of this problem.


Erv / KT4DS - Extensive discussions were held of the planned activities for the year rollover. All members are encouraged to get their gear and themselves ready to support these activities. Several assignments were made for key positions in Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) at Prince William County, Manassas, Manassas Park, the Red Cross, and PW Hospital. All members are encouraged to check in stating at 9PM on DEC 31st and pass along information on your availability during this time.

There was a discussion of contributions that OVH makes to some organizations during December.

The following were proposed, seconded and carried by a vote of the members present:

The provider of the OVH web site and many other amateur radio web sites - QSL.NET a donation of $100.00. Also, The Amateur Radio News Line - $100.00

50/50 raffle:

Eight prizes of subscriptions to World Radio magazine, as well as the 50/50 split were awarded as prizes to nine of those in attendance that participated.