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MARCH 2002

Next meeting: March 18, 2002

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Message From the President


Greetings to All OVH Members:

I am really looking forward to this coming year as OVH President. One of my goals is to see this club become an ARRL Special Service Club (SSC). You may ask, what is an ARRL SSC? The following excerpt from the SSC Application explains what an SSC is.

"Truly special Amateur Radio clubs are well balanced in their programs for serving the community, developing club members' Amateur Radio skills and social activities, striving each year to build on their successes to improve their effectiveness. The objective of the ARRL's Special Service Club program is to help good clubs organize and focus their efforts on those things that really count. Being an SSC should mean that members have certain skills, that the club as a group has the ability to improve service inside and outside the Amateur Radio community, and that it does so when needed."

OVH has already met many of the ARRL SSC requirements, but we need to take a hard look at our programs that serve the community and fill in any missing activities. If you have any ideas for future club functions or meeting programs, please contact me at 703-754-7913 or

Also, keep in mind that March 31 is the end of the dues renewal period. You must be a paid-up member to receive the 2002 membership card with the new repeater codes. Please come to the meeting on March 18 where you can renew and participate in OVH’s plans.


73, Bill/K9ZD




Post Office Box 1255

Manassas, VA. 20108



President: Bill Hinely K9ZD 754-7913

Vice Pres: Ruth Frock KU4WH 331-1234

Secretary: Phil Colling AC4PL 393-8658

Treasurer: Bill South N4WJN 590-9562


Don (Butch) Blasdell W4HJL 369-2877

Art Whittum KW4AW 791-4330

John Fritsch N4YOB 791-5995


Thursdays - 8:00 PM WB4ZOH (Ken) 361-3482


Jack McDermott N4YIC 335-9139


Bill Hinely K9ZD 754-7913


Blaine Blasdell KB4RKL 369-2877

EDUCATION & VE Coordinator

Bill Hinely K9ZD 754-7913


Brian Cochran KE4NFK 257-9545


Erv Whalen KT4DS 335-1029


Ruth Frock KU4WH 331-1234

Mary Lu Blasdell KB4EFP 369-2877


Mike Sever WV3H 753-9346

Pete Steketee KB4RME 369-2436

Mary Lu Blasdell KB4EFP 369-2877

Bill South N4WJN 590-9562


Steve Frick N4OGR 361-0008




Bill South N4WJN 590-9562

J.O.T.A. (Scouts)

John Fritsch N4YOB 791-5995


Charlotte Coghill KG4QXO 361-3482


Steve Meade KB4OF 368-6901


Ken Coghill WB4ZOH 361-3482


Alan Massie KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill South N4WJN 590-9562


Ellie Wikfors KF4NBO 361-8059




Steve Frick N4OGR 361-0008


Jim Hawk N3ODZ 361-2543


Art Whittum KW4AW 791-4330

Butch Blasdell W4HJL 369-2877

Milt Warnock N4SN 369-7265

Mike Sever WV3H 753-9346

Steve Frick N4OGR 361-0008

Alan Massie KD4KBX 330-8844


Art Whittum KW4AW 791-4330


Jack McDermott N4YIC 335-9139


Jan Frick KE4TMW 257-0897


Art Whittum KW4AW 791-4330

Alan Massie KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill South N4WJN 590.9562

Butch Blasdell W4HJL 369-2877

Mike Sever WV3H 753-9346

George Tarnovsky KE2AM 791-7688

Jimmy Lascaris WA2QEJ

The OVH Times is the official publication of the "Ole Virginia Hams" ARC, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Amateur Radio. The OVH ARC meets at 8:00 PM every third Monday of the month at the NOVEC Tech Center in Gainesville. Prospective members are invited.

Local information can always be obtained, at any time, through the usage of the OVH repeaters (146.97- & 224.660- Mhz). All are welcome.

Permission is hereby granted for the reprinting of articles and quotations in this letter, provided full credit is given to the OVH ARC, and the author of the article. Contribution of printed articles by both members and non-members is encouraged. The deadline for submissions is the 5th of each month. Submissions should be forwarded to OVH TIMES EDITOR: Steve Meade KB4OF, PO Box 1418, Manassas, VA 20108-1418, or to

Letters to the Editor and Classified Ads are accepted and welcome. Approx. Circulation - 170



Minutes of the OVH Meeting

18 February 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2005 by President Jeff Poulin/N1SN.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Welcome Randy Allen/N4TVC

Tonight's Program - Randy Allen NOVA QRP. - Building and designing kits. Small form, small power and easy to build – so what's your excuse for not doing it? NorCal does a lot of kit creation (Northern California QRP group). Northern Georgia QRP put out a kit ($12?) for two meters (measure, not band width). Things that are coming out in kit form now are old favorites from 1970's QST. Want an easy way to get started building? Try building cables rather than buying them? Where to get parts? Digi-Key ( and Mouser ( Some reading – Paul Hardin's Databook for Homebrewers and QRPers, Doug Demaul's Practical RF Design Manual (MFJ), Doug Demaul and Wes Hayward's Solid State Design (ARRL). If you are getting into it, by a comfortable soldering iron or a station if you build a lot, and good tools (needle nose pliers, good light) - a K2 will take about 50 hours. Randy uses two types of tips - a fine point conical that would prick your finger and about a 1/16" chisel at about 700 and 750 degrees. Atlanticon is coming in April in the Baltimore area for those who would like to know more about QRP and kit building.

Old Business

The Treasurer's report and the past month's minutes were passed.

Committee Reports

Technical: Art Whittum/KW4AW - - listing OVH and WWI. Ford Motor Company has a mobile install guide. Just in time for the 9V batteries - January World Radio has a battery saver kit using one chip and a couple of other parts. Repeater has a problem with the PL, which is why it has occasionally been quiet in the mornings. Don't know what the problem is exactly yet. Some vandalism at the site, but our gear does not appear to have been affected. Our repeater is on the NOVEC emergency generator.

Membership: Susan Poulin/K3SSP - John Harrell/KG4QXL read in. Elizabeth Heartney/KG4NXV voted in. Charlotte/KG4QXO is taking over as the membership chairman from Susan/K3SSP.

Scholarship: Jack McDermott/N4YIC - Paperwork will go out to the schools in March. Waiting on word from the finance committee for how many we will be giving out.

Ham Fest: Jack McDermott (N4YIC) - We are on track for this year. Jack is making the rounds. Vienna hamfest is 3 March 2002. OVH has a table - come by and see us.

Education: Bill Hinley/K9ZD - Promotional literature is ready to go out. Class starts March 12 at Stonewall Jackson High School. Get the word out! Is anyone interested in providing classes for other license classes?

Packet: Bill South/N4WJN - Packet working well. NIHRAC node has closed down the gateway between the Internet and the packet site. Still no easy route to the Internet though packet. Can still encapsulate. NIH is working on the gateway. OVH website is throwing strange errors - is working on the problem. KPC3/3+ is the most economical TNC to get started with if you are interested in getting into packet.

New Business: Jeff Poulin/N1SN - SERVE Bowl-a-thon March 9 at Bowl America on Mathis Ave in Manassas. VA QSO party is looking for sponsors for plaques. If there is an interest, make a motion at the next meeting.

Elections Results: President: Bill Hinley/K9ZD, Vice President: Ruth Frock/KU4WH, Treasurer: Bill South/N4WJN,

Secretary: Phil Colling/AC4PL

Congratulations to the new officers and thanks to the out-going officers for all their hard work.

Meeting adjourned at: 9:40





Happy Birthday to our fellow Hams: Henry/N4AZC, Jeff/N1SN, Russell/WB4HHN, Scott/KE4LYN, and Rita/KE4TMU. Hope each of you has a great day!

Congratulations to Wes/N5RTY, who upgraded to Extra class in November!

Thanks, and 73 de Jan/KE4TMW


This weekend on the radio: The North American Sprint (RTTY), SARL Field Day, the RSGB Commonwealth Contest (CW), the Great Lakes QSO Party, the UBA Spring Contest (CW), and the Wisconsin QSO Party are the weekend of March 9-10. JUST AHEAD: The YLISSB QSO Party (SSB), the BARTG Spring RTTY Contest, the Russian DX Contest, the AGCW VHF/UHF Contest, and the Virginia QSO Party are the weekend of March 16-17. See the ARRL Contest Branch page, and the WA7BNM Contest Calendar, for more info.

Certification and Continuing Education course registration: Registration for the Level I ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course (EC-001) will remain open through the March 9-10 weekend. Registration for the Level II Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course (EC-002) and for the Antenna Modeling Course opens Monday, March 11, at 4 PM; registration for the Level III Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course (EC-003) opens Monday, March 18, at 4 PM. ARRL Emergency Communications courses must be completed in order, starting with Level I. To learn more, visit the ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Web page and the C-CE Links found there. For more information, contact Certification and Continuing Education Coordinator Dan Miller, K3UFG,

Ten-Tec ORION to replace OMNI line: Ten-Tec plans to introduce details of its new ORION HF amateur transceiver March 9-10 at the Charlotte Hamfest in North Carolina. Ten-Tec Amateur Radio Products Manager Scott Robbins, W4PA, says the ORION "represents an entirely new concept in high-performance HF transceivers" and will include features never before available on an amateur transceiver. The ORION will retail in the $3300 price range and will replace the OMNI VI Plus--already discontinued--as Ten-Tec's top-of-the-line amateur HF transceiver. Anticipated features include dual 32-bit DSP processors; full dual-receive capability; 590 independently selectable IF-DSP filters in each receiver; adjustable receive filter shape factors; "superior dynamic range" due in part to the ability to narrow roofing filters down to 250 Hz for improved close-in performance in the vicinity of strong signals; extremely low phase-noise synthesizer; adaptive DSP noise reduction; and a continuous, real-time spectrum display that works on either receiver. Full details are available on the Ten-Tec Web site The ORION is expected to be available later this year. A prototype may be ready for display at Dayton Hamvention in mid-May, but it will not be on the market by then. "We are very excited about this new product," Robbins said. "Stay tuned!" He notes that complete technical specifications for the ORION remain to be determined, and all information is subject to change.

TiungSAT-1 gets OSCAR designation: AMSAT-NA has designated the TiungSAT-1 Amateur Radio satellite as "Malaysian-OSCAR-46" (MO-46). TiungSAT-1 was one of three Amateur Radio payloads propelled into space September 26, 2000, aboard a converted Soviet ballistic missile. It is Malaysia's first microsatellite. For amateurs, the spacecraft offers FM and FSK (at 9.6 kB) with uplinks at 145.85, and 145.925 MHz and downlink at 437.325 MHz. The satellite also carries land and weather imaging payloads. TiungSAT—named after the mynah bird native to Malaysia--was developed as a collaborative effort between the Malaysian government and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

From The ARRL Letter, Vol 21, No 10


Vandalism at site last month did NOT cause any damage or problems to our equipment. The Facilities Department at NOVEC took care of replacing the door-lock for us. Arthur/KW4AW and Butch/W4HJL paid a visit recently to correct a problem we were experiencing with the PL tone access on our 146.970 MHz machine. We touched up some worn connections in the cable from the GE MASTR II repeater to the RLC-3 repeater controller and reseated the controller "radio control" circuit cards in the motherboard slots.

The power output and VSWR were measured for both the 146.970 and 442.200 repeaters. The 146.970 machine power output was found to be low and we readjusted it to 80 watts output. The 440 machine is riding along good at 50 watts.

A replacement cable, to connect the 146.970 repeater to the RLC-3 controller, was at the site but needs to be re-cut to permit connection of both the control receiver and the 146.970 repeater to the RLC-3 controller with a single multi-conductor cable. This will be completed in the near future.

We are experiencing occasional interference from either an inter-modulation product of two other transmitters (likely to be paging transmitters) or spurious radiation from a single transmitter. It is evidenced by a harsh crackling and popping on 146.370 MHz - our two meter repeater input frequency. The offending signal was copied at "10 over 9" south of Lake Jackson, and can be received in the Manassas City area as well. All members should be watchful for this signal and try to get any information from it that may be useful in tracking down the source. Call signs, CW IDs, tone patterns, anything. Drop an e-mail to kw4aw@n4wjn on packet; or on e-mail if you have anything to report. Get times and dates also.

Another "one time" interference case was experienced recently when the PW Volunteer FD was working a fire in the Irongate area. A report is to be forwarded to them for their information and any possible corrective action needed.

Art Whittum/KW4AW,


Just an early "heads up!" Field Day is coming right on the heels of this year's Manassas HamFest. The pavilion at J. C. Long Park has been reserved and we need to start getting ready to have some fun in the sun.

Contact KW4AW with your ideas, suggestions and volunteer slots. The ARRL Field Day Package has been downloaded from the ARRL Web site and will be available for your reading pleasure at the March meeting.

Art Whittum/KW4AW,

Packet-to-Internet gateway restored!!

With a lot of hard work on the part of several hams in the NoVA/DC/MD packet community, the Packet-to-Internet gateway has been restored. Now all OVH hams again have free, 24-hour-a-day access to send/receive e-mail to and from any Internet e-mail address. Each OVH ham has an e-mail account waiting for them on the IPNVA packet system.

To use this feature, connect to IPNVA on 145.03 mhz, either direct or from one of the major packet nodes like OVH or NIHRAC. Your packet and Internet e-mail address is:

You can send and receive e-mail to and from the Internet from the IPNVA system. Remember however to observe FCC rules as to content when sending mail. Watch your language and content; no advertisement or profanity, etc., same rules you would observe in a normal Amateur communication. Caution anyone who would send you mail to your packet e-mail address as to the content as well.

You can also connect to the packet system directly from the Internet using Telnet. After pre-approval (send a request to, you can access all of the features of the IPNVA system from any computer anywhere (remember there is still a 1200 baud radio link involved so keep that in mind when using this access; hopefully a faster link will be in plan soon). If you have any additional questions, send them to me at: (from Internet or packet) (packet BBS mail only) (Internet e-mail only)

73, and keep packet alive

Bill South/N4WJN,