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Next meeting: August 20, 2001

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Message From the President

Greetings to All OVH Members:

The special event commemorating the Battle of First Manassas went very well indeed. We had 341 QSOs covering 41 states and have received over a hundred QSLs as of August 2. I'll have more on the event later in the newsletter.

The special event was the last of the summer club activities. I hope to have a club "to-the-field" operation later in the fall. This would be a strictly casual event: batteries, simple wire antennas and a few hours of comfortable, low power operation. Let's see what we can do with a minimal set up. There will be further info in a month or so.

The program for the August meeting will be a dicussion of what is needed for a basic station (VHF and HF) and what is useful but not critical. I look forward to a lively discussion.

Finally, I would encourage a shift in some club committee chairmanships. There has been some movement over the last year with Membership, ARES, and Field Day. Also, some areas require technical expertise or time that only a few can provide. But other activities such as the weekly net, historian, VE, etc. require little time. I believe it would benefit the OVH and members to widen the base of involvement. Just a few thoughts.






Post Office Box 1255

Manassas, VA. 20108



President: Jeff Poulin N1SN 361-5865

Vice Pres.: John Palcer K4KGU 540-347-3391

Secretary: David Lane KG4GIY 361-3042

Treasurer: Bill South N4WJN 590-9562


Don (Butch) Blasdell W4HJL 369-2877

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John Fritsch N4YOB 791-5995


Thursdays - 8:00 PM N1SN 361-5865


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Bill N4WJN 590-9562

Blaine KB4RKL 369-2877

J.O.T.A. (Scouts)

John N4YOB 791-5995


Susan Poulin K3SSP 361-5865


Steve Meade KB4OF 368-6901


Jeff Poulin N1SN 361-5865


Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

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Steve KB4OF 368-6901


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Art KW4AW 791-4330

Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill N4WJN 590.9562

Butch W4HJL 369-2877

Mike WV3H 753-9346

Jimmy WA2QEJ

The OVH Times is the official publication of the "Ole Virginia Hams" ARC, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Amateur Radio. The OVH ARC meets at 8:00 PM every third Monday of the month at the NOVEC Tech Center in Gainesville. Prospective members are invited.

Local information can always be obtained, at any time, through the usage of the OVH repeaters (146.97- & 224.660- Mhz). All are welcome.

Permission is hereby granted for the reprinting of articles and quotations in this letter, provided full credit is given to the OVH ARC, and the author of the article. Contribution of printed articles by both members and non-members is encouraged. The deadline for submissions is the 5th of each month. Submissions should be forwarded to OVH TIMES EDITOR: Steve Meade KB4OF, PO Box 1418, Manassas, VA 20108-1418, or, to

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Minutes of the OVH Meeting

16 July 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2003h by President Jeff Poulin/N1SN.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 20 Members and 3 Guests

The Treasurer's report and the past month's minutes were passed.

Committee Reports

Education: Bill Hinely/K4WRG - The next round of classes are scheduled to start in late September/October. Depends on the date we want to hold the VE session.

Packet: Bill South/N4WJN - Nothing new, everything seems to be working. Packet class down in Stafford. Details coming soon.

Membership: Susan Poulin/K3SSP - Read in: Ralph Brooks, Sr./W4OZO, Thomas Podesak/WA2QAL

Voted in: John Leonard/KG4LAA, Robert (Robbie) Kelley (No Call), Michael (Mikey) Willis/KG4NXR, and James (Doug) Stork/KG4NCH. Welcome to the OVH!

ARES: David Lane/KG4GIY - Check out the PWC ARES web site at and the state ARES web site at Upcoming events include 29th September Nokesville Bike Tour and Marine Corp. Marathon (October).

Member News: Susan Poulin/K3SSP - Jeff Poulin/N1SN is now head of VA Section Traffic Net. Harry Vorhauser/W4PVA is now a great Grandfather (Again).

Field Day: Jeff Poulin/N1SN - Thanks all. About 1/3rd of the membership participated. Points: 595 x2 1190 CW: 148 - 296, Digital: 4 - 8, Phone: 291, Qualified for almost all the bonus points. See the web site for all the breakdowns. Did a little better in points than last year - and Bill Hinely/K4WRG got his picture in the Journal. Jeff is looking for next year's field day chair, along with assigning tasks earlier than the week before. Bill Hinely/K4WRG has stepped up to the plate to chair next year's field day. ARRL offers T-shirts and pins - $5 a piece for the pins. Collect monies if you are interested.

Announcement: Jeff Poulin/N1SN - Draft Statement of Understanding between OVH and the Red Cross. Will be submitted to ARC as is for their review.

Sample of the Certificate for the Special Event Station.... program is the SES.

Special Event Station: July 21st 2001 – John/N1EOD - ARC Emergency Communications Vehicle at the

Henry Hill parking lot for those as well. Those who want to operate, please contact Jeff/N1SN. Battlefield, Jeff's House, Jack's House. NPS Requested a list of the license plates, no costs except for the parking fee. 40, 20, 10, 2m. Log - you can keep a log in any format you want. Civil War Times Illustrated - has stuff on 1st/2nd Manassas.

For Next month: Feed into Jeff: Ham Shack basics? 5 must have features for a HT, 5 nice to have. These and other good things to Jeff for next month.

Meeting adjourned: 2130


Congratulations to Wes/N5RTY, who upgraded to General class! Way to go! Congratulations are also in order for Susan and Jeff, each of whom changed their callsign. Susan, formerly K3SSP, is now K3SSP. Jeff, formerly N1SN, is now N1SN.

Happy Birthday to our fellow Hams: Stuart/W4PR, Tom/KE4PCV, Roy/AC6JN, Jim/WD4OJY, Jeff/KC4RON, Ron/WS1B, Charles/WA8YCK, Dale/N4EDE, and Harry "The Voice of Manassas" W4PVA.

Thanks, and 73 de Jan KE4TMW

Special Event Report

Our special event station for the 140th anniversary of the Battle of First Manassas was, in my humble opinion, a great success. We made 341 QSOs, worked 41 states, and parts of Canada, and we've received over 100 QSLs as of August 2. We also received two membership applications (one from New York!) as a result. The operators had a good time and many of the folks we talked to were enthusiastic and had been looking for us. I'll have a display of the QSL cards at a future meeting.

A side benefit was the chance to see and use the new Red Cross Emergency Communications truck, courtesy of John Perry/N1EOD. The special event gave him a chance to evaluate its performance in a non-emergency situation. The frequency bands available on the truck were limited because the automatic antenna tuner malfunctioned and there was no fall back arrangement. But discovering that was part of the reason to use it. It was a learning experience for everyone.

My thanks to everyone who participated for making this event such a success: Susan/K3SSP, Steve/N4OGR, Jan/KE4TMW, Ruth/KU4WH, Ken/WB4ZOH, Jim/W4JTP and Dave/WW4MM. (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.) A very special thanks to Dave/WW4MM for the spectacular certificate he produced. I'm sure that the recipients will be impressed.

Jeff, N1SN

Battery Tips

These tips will help assure you the highest performance and longest cycle life from your rechargeable battery.

  1. Charge your new battery overnight (14-16 hours) before using it. This is referred to as "initializing" and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity.
  2. New batteries can be stored for up to two years without significant cycle loss.
  3. Store new/unused batteries, at room temperature, in a cool dry area.
  4. Batteries which have been in storage, should be charged overnight.
  5. When using a rapid charger, leave the battery in the charger for an additional 1-2 hours after the green light appears.
  6. Do not leave your radio & battery in the charger when charging. Continuous charging will shorten battery life. (Don't use your charger as a radio stand.)
  7. Only charge batteries when they need it. If it isn't fully discharged, don't recharge it. (Purchase a second battery for multiple/longer duty cycle applications.)
  8. Do not return fully charged batteries to the charger for an "extra boost." This action will significantly reduce cycle life.
  9. Stabilize the battery to room temperature before charging. Charging at abnormal temperatures will decrease cycle life.

Authored by: Steve Lampereur/KB9MWR


Submitted by Jack McDermott/N4YIC


Solar sage Tad Cook, K7VVV, Seattle, Washington, reports: Sunspot numbers and solar flux rose quite a bit this week. Sunspot numbers peaked on Sunday at 214, the highest since June 25. Average sunspot numbers rose more than 83 points, and average solar flux was up more than 32 since the previous week.

Conditions have been quiet for the past few days, but on Sunday, August 12--the second day of the Worked All Europe DX CW Contest—geomagnetic activity should rise again. Projected planetary A index for Friday through Monday is 10, 10, 25 and 20. Predicted solar flux for those same days is 155, 150, 150 and 145. Conditions should be good for the first day of the contest at least.

Sunspot numbers for August 2 through 8 were 113, 140, 182, 214, 182, 177 and 191 with a mean of 171.3. The 10.7 cm flux was 120.8, 131.6, 148.4, 156, 163.7, 166.3 and 166.9, with a mean of 150.5. Estimated planetary A indices were 8, 14, 9, 23, 21, 13 and 9 with a mean of 13.9.

Excerpt from The ARRL Letter, Vol 20, No 32, 10 Aug 2001


* This weekend on the radio: The Maryland-DC QSO Party, and the Worked All Europe DX Contest (CW) are the weekend of August 11-12. JUST AHEAD: The ARRL 10 GHz and Up Cumulative Contest and the New Jersey QSO Party are the weekend of August 18-19. See the ARRL Contest Branch page, and for more info.

* August Emergency Communications Level I on-line course registration: August registration for the Level I- Introduction to Amateur Radio Emergency Communications on-line course (EC-001) opens Monday, August 13, at 4 PM Eastern Time. Two classes of 50 students will be processed during the week, and the on-line classes will begin the following week. After 4 PM Monday, the registration form can be found on the ARRL Course Registration page, until all seats are filled. The ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Home page and the C-CE FAQ page should answer most typical questions. For more information, e-mail Dan Miller, K3UFG, Registration for Level II--Intermediate Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (EC-002) will open Monday, August 27.

* ARRL Southwestern Division Convention set for September 7-9: The 2001 ARRL Southwestern Division Convention will be Friday through Sunday, September 7-9, in Riverside, California. Southwestern Division Director Fried Heyn, WA6WZO, and Vice Director Art Goddard, W6XD, will serve as the official ARRL hosts. ARRL President Jim Haynie, W5JBP, will deliver the keynote address. ARRL Headquarters staffers Rosalie White, K1STO, and Ed Hare, W1RFI, will be in attendance. A feature of this year's convention will be the W1AW/6 special event station, and visitors are invited to operate. A special QSL card will be issued, and a certificate will be available for those who work W1AW/6 while W5JBP, K1STO or W1RFI are operating. (Routine W1AW transmissions will continue from Newington, Connecticut--Ed) Visit the Special Event Station W1AW/6 Web site Convention highlights include a separate-registration workshop on Friday, "Satellites--What's Exciting, Today and Tomorrow!" with Steve Bible, N7HPR, and Larry Brown, W7LB, plus forums on the ARRL field organization, antennas and propagation, RFI, QRP (low-power operating), and more. Visit the 2001 ARRL Southwestern Division Convention Web site Ann Lowman, W6YBS

* FCC collecting date-of-birth info on Form 605: With no fanfare or public announcement the FCC began collecting date-of-birth information on its FCC Form 605 earlier this year. The information is a required entry (on line 11a) of the Form 605 as modified in March 2001 for both Amateur Radio and commercial operators, including Restricted Radiotelephone applicants. The FCC has said it's not making the information public but will use it for internal purposes. The FCC stopped collecting and publishing dates of birth several years ago. The National Council of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators' version of the form, NCVEC Form 605--the one most new and upgrading amateur applicants encounter--does not yet require a date of birth, nor is one required at this point of on-line applicants. It's expected to be required in the future, however.

* DXCC 2001 Yearbook deadline approaching: The deadline to submit material for the 2001 DXCC Yearbook is rapidly approaching. Submittals for inclusion in the 2001 Yearbook cover the dates October 1, 2000, through September 30, 2001. Honor Roll applications and updates must be received by the DXCC Desk at ARRL Headquarters no later than Monday, October 1, 2001. Those eligible for complimentary copies of the 2001 DXCC Yearbook must be ARRL members, be current on that's received at the DXCC Desk no later than October 1, 2001. Send submittals to DXCC Yearbook, 225 Main St, Newington the DXCC Honor Roll (325 current entities) or, if not on the Honor Roll, submit an application CT 06111. The 2001 DXCC Yearbook will be out next spring. Copies will be available for $5 (including mailing). Previous editions from 1993 until 2000 also are available for $5 each.--Bill Moore, NC1L

* Report--US and Peru share blame in downing of missionary plane: A binational report says the US and Peru share blame in an April 20 incident that led to the death of US missionary Veronica "Roni" Bowers, KD4CKM, of Michigan, and her infant daughter, Charity, seven months. Bowers, affiliated with the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, and the infant were killed when their plane was shot down by the Peruvian Air Force, which erroneously concluded that the plane carried drug traffickers. The Peruvian military claimed that pilot Kevin Donaldson had ignored radio and visual warnings to land and warning shots. Bowers' husband Jim, KD4CKN, and their son, Cory, were not seriously injured in the incident; Donaldson was shot in the leg. The couple had been serving in Peru since 1993. A report this week faulted both poor communication and lax procedures in the US-Peruvian drug interdiction program for the incident. According to the report, the plane was spotted by a member of the Peruvian military aboard a US Department of Defense aircraft that was chartered by the CIA. US observers had expressed doubts that the plane was involved in narcotics trafficking, but their concerns were not understood soon enough because of language difficulties. The report also concluded that detailed safety procedures to prevent such incidents were not followed. The aerial interdiction program in the region has been suspended. A review of the program is under way. Donaldson managed to ditch the Cessna 185 float plane in the Amazon River.--news accounts

* Radiotelegraphy reference available free via the Web: The third edition of The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy by Bill Pierpont, N0HFF, is available free for the downloading from the Web in Word and in Adobe Portable Document Format. This edition of the definitive international Morse code reference is aimed at those interested in telegraphy, those wanting to learn it or to improve their skills or those who just plain love it. New material includes interviews with such well-known amateurs as former ARRL Communications Manager George Hart, W1NJM--the founder of the National Traffic System and still an active participant. There's also a special section by First-Class Operators Club member Jim Farrior, W4FOK, author of the well-known code practice program The Mill--Fred Adsit, NY2V

Excerpt from The ARRL Letter, Vol 20, No 32, 10 Aug 2001