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Repeaters -- W4OVH -- 146.970- & 224.660- & 442.200+
OVH Nodes -- 145.030 Port 2: 223.660 (SysOp Use Only) Port 3: 223.540 MHz


Next meeting: August 19, 2002

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A Message From The President


Greetings to All OVH Members:

Brian Cochran will be presenting a program on mobile grounding and RFI. I am sure many of you have experienced problems with interference after installing mobile equipment. The vehicle may cause interference to your radio, and/or your radio may interfere with your vehicle’s electronics’ systems. Be sure to attend the OVH club meeting on Monday, August 19, 2002 to find out what you can do to correct these interference problems

If you have any ideas for future club functions or meeting programs, please contact me at 703-754-7913 or





Post Office Box 1255

Manassas, VA. 20108




President: Bill Hinely K9ZD 754-7913

Vice Pres: Ruth Frock KU4WH 331-1234

Secretary: Phil Colling AC4PL 393-8658

Treasurer: Bill South N4WJN 590-9562


Don (Butch) Blasdell W4HJL 369-2877

Art Whittum KW4AW 791-4330

John Fritsch N4YOB 791-5995


Thursdays - 8:00 PM WB4ZOH (Ken) 361-3482


Jack N4YIC 335-9139


Art KW4AW 791-4330


Blaine KB4RKL 369-2877

EDUCATION & VE Coordinator

Bill K9ZD 754-7913


Brian KE4NFK 257-9545


Dave KG4GIY 361-3042


Ruth KU4WH 331-1234

Mary Lu KB4EFP 369-2877


Mike WV3H 753-9346

Pete KB4RME 369-2436

Mary Lu KB4EFP 369-2877

Bill N4WJN 590-9562


Steve N4OGR 361-0008




Bill N4WJN 590-9562

J.O.T.A. (Scouts)

John N4YOB 791-5995


Charlotte KG4QXO 361-3482


Steve KB4OF 368-6901


Ken WB4ZOH 361-3482


Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill N4WJN 590-9562


Ellie KF4NBO 361-8059




Steve N4OGR 361-0008


Steve N4OGR 361-0008


Art KW4AW 791-4330

Butch W4HJL 369-2877

Milt N4SN 369-7265

Mike WV3H 753-9346

Steve N4OGR 361-0008

Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Steve KB4OF 368-6901


Art KW4AW 791-4330


Jack N4YIC 335-9139


Jan KE4TMW 257-0897


Art KW4AW 791-4330

Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill N4WJN 590.9562

Butch W4HJL 369-2877

Mike WV3H 753-9346

George KE2AM 791-7688

Jimmy WA2QEJ

Bill K9ZD 754-7913

The OVH Times is the official publication of the "Ole Virginia Hams" ARC, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Amateur Radio. The OVH ARC meets at 8:00 PM every third Monday of the month at the NOVEC Tech Center in Gainesville. Prospective members are invited.

Local information can always be obtained, at any time, through the usage of the OVH repeaters (146.97- & 224.660- Mhz). All are welcome.

Permission is hereby granted for the reprinting of articles and quotations in this letter, provided full credit is given to the OVH ARC, and the author of the article. Contribution of printed articles by both members and non-members is encouraged. The deadline for submissions is the 5th of each month. Submissions should be forwarded to OVH TIMES EDITOR: Steve Meade KB4OF, PO Box 1418, Manassas, VA 20108-1418, or to kb4of

Letters to the Editor and Classified Ads are accepted and welcome. Approx. Circulation - 170



July OVH Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2002

President Bill Hinely/K9ZD called the meeting to order at 8001.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited with enthusiasm by all present, and "under God" was included, which was an intentional, proud, and deliberate slap in the face on the part of OVH members to the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ridiculous ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America is unconstitutional.

All present stated their names and call signs. There were 21 OVH members and one guest present.

The minutes of the June 2002 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report - Bill/N4WJN - The report was approved.

Repeaters - Art/KW4AW - There has been some interference. There is a 440 repeater at Canova Ranch that is not coordinated which runs low power. When we get interference, a question to be asked is: is it really coming through the repeater? It may not be. Things are running pretty well otherwise.

Education - Bill/K9ZD - Next tech class will start late September or early October. There was some discussion on how to better advertise the class, including the Prince William County Fair.

Hamfest - Jack McDermott/N4YIC - Jack noted that he has enjoyed running the OVH Hamfest the last few years, but he also mentioned that he is a firm believer in term limits.

Field Day - Art/KW4AW - Art told us about field day points and other information. Bill/K9ZD showed us some newspaper articles. Art noted that we have already reserved the Nokesville Park for next year.

Membership – Charlotte/KG4QXO - Two new applicants for OVH membership were voted on. These were Robert "Bob" Johnson/W4YQ and Theresa Grogg/KG4TVM. Both were approved unanimously. Welcome Bob and Theresa.

FAR - Tom Podlesak/WA2QAL - FAR is in the process of acquiring their own call-sign. They gave out 57 scholarships.

Weekly Net - Ken/KB4ZOH - Nets are going well.

ARES - Brian/N8FK - PW County ARES has applied for a call sign. There's a bike ride that originates in Nokesville. This will be in mid-September. Brian noted that David/KG4GIY who was not present did not have anything to add. RACES is having some upcoming emergency drills.

Other - Mary Lu/KB4EFP suggested that the $200 from the OVH Hamfest bake sale be donated to Special Olympics. Mary Lu made a motion and the motion passed.

Tom/WA2QAL - FAR wants to help out with the Railroad Historical Society event in Baltimore next year. It was brought up, that the local club in Baltimore needs to be asked as well. It was agreed that a Baltimore club should be asked to participate as well. The dates are July 1 - 6, 2003.

New Business / Bill/N4WJN - Needs help with an antenna replacement party for the packet node antenna. We need a 24-foot extension ladder. The sight is the PW Water District, take by the Bull Run Regional Library. The gas lines go by the side of the tank. Noon on Saturday, July 20. We are replacing a 2-Mtr antenna with a tri-band.


No program

The meeting adjourned at 2105




Two of our members have new callsigns: Brian is now N8FK, and Dwight is now K9ERF.

Happy Birthday to our fellow Hams born in August: Stuart/W4PR, Tom/KE4PCV, Roy/AC6JN, Jim/WD4OJY, Jeff/KC4RON, Ron/WS1B, Charles/WA8YCK, Dale/N4EDE, Bob/W4YQ and Harry/W4PVA. Hope each of you has a GREAT day!

Congratulations to Jeff/KC4RON, who upgraded to General class!

Thanks, and 73 de Jan/KE4TMW

Repeater News

We have enjoyed relatively trouble-free operation for quite a while. Then! A storm ripped through Westgate and left us powerless last Saturday (August 3rd?). The emergency generator at NOVEC apparently failed to start, leaving them and us with no communications for almost five hours.

On our part, the repeater controller was plugged in to an APC Uninterruptible Power Supply, but the batteries probably didn’t last too long. We have needed to transfer the controller to our main battery bank for some time now. So that changes the priority of work. We will visit the site to make the changeover later this month. The 2-meter transmitter was probably up and running on low power, but with no controller it wouldn't repeat.

Another thing we will consider is coordinating with the NOVEC folks to set up an emergency call procedure if they run into this again. As a last resort, our two emergency generators may make the difference for both of us.

More to follow, later.


WANTED: Hallicrafter FPM-200 Amateur Radio Transciever (circa 1957)

For display in the Amateur Radio Exhibit at the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Virginia. Equipment will be identified as being On Loan or Donated to the VASC Amateur Radio Group, Inc., which has been determined IRS Tax Exempt under section 501(a) as an organization decribed in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. If you know someone with this unit, please have them contact Ken Pierpont/KF4OW, Secretary, at email address:

Items For Sale


Model Number


Serial No.


Astron RS- 4A

Astron 4 amp Power Supply



Astron RS-7A

Astron 7 amp Power Supply



Archer 273-1650

AC Adapter 3/4.5/6/7.5/9V 300 ma



Coaxial Switch A/B UHF fittings



DC Adapter 12 Vdc 300 ma


GE RT9541 B

DC Adapter 6.0V@200 ma or 7.5V @100 ma



Clamshell battery pack for IC Micro 2AT



Clamshell battery pack for IC Micro 2AT



Data Switch 1 X 4



Data Switch 1 X 2 w/ RJ-11 adapters



Data Switch 1 X 2


Allied GD-30

KnightKit Grid Dip Oscillator


Ten-Tec TW-24

Project box - Enclosure (New)


Last Update:





OVH 40th Anniversary

Many of you know, some probably not, but the OVH will celebrate its 40th Anniversary on May 20, 2003!

From the OVH Constitution "...the Constitution and Bylaws of the Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club, Inc. established on May 20, 1963..."

While the OVH club does not have an "official" historian (which I feel is truly unfortunate), there is a small history being built up in the "archives" of the OVH WEB. Although I wasn't able to get any historical data from my predecessor WEBmaster, I have tried to keep all historical info I have placed on the OVH WEB available. Some of this info no longer has direct links listed, but the data is still there and accessible, I just need to organize it and get links to it.

Anyone who knows me from my work or home knows that I am a pack rat, I N-E-V-E-R throw anything away. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, HI!), this attribute of mine spills over to the OVH WEB.

So, while we don't have a club historian (maybe this could be brought up at the next meeting, since we haven't had one for many years), there is a small history being built on the OVH WEB. I'd like to expand on this, so those of you who have been around the club for a while (not necessarily the entire 40 years, HI), I'd ask that you take a moment to jot down some thoughts about things that have happened in the club over the years (pictures would be GREAT too!). I'll make a new link on the OVH WEB including as much of this as possible. Then the newer members may have a greater appreciation of where OVH came from, which may enhance the bond between them and the club going forward.... or at the very least may prove funny, interesting or entertaining!

Thanks, and 73, de Bill/N4WJN

Request for Event Information

I am sending this to most OVH club Board of Directors members, Officers and Committee Members. Please remember to copy me (via packet and/or email are the best options) regarding any upcoming events that you are involved in or aware of. These would be any events that need to be communicated to the OVH and general amateur population (Events such as Bike Rides, Run's, Emergency Simulations, Parades, or etc.), which I can add to the OVH WEB in the Announcements section.

While these events are mentioned in other places, I'd like to keep the main OVH WEB page current and up-to-date with Places, Dates, and Times of up-coming events of interest to the OVH population. Remember, you can never send too much data. I'd rather get duplicate info than miss placing information about an event on the OVH WEB. Thanks.

73, de Bill/N4WJN

ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Program registration

ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Program registration (Aug 9, 2002) -- No national-level Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level I (EC-001) classes will open in August. Registration for the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level II (EC-002) and Antenna Modeling (EC-004) courses opens Monday, August 12, at 4 PM Eastern Time. Updates on the federally funded Level I emergency communications training program will be posted as soon as information become available. To learn more, visit the ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Web page and the C-CE Links found there. For more information, contact the ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Program,

From ARRL Web Site

End of the Line for Radio Amateur Callbook

The end of the line for Radio Amateur Callbook: Radio Amateur Callbook is throwing in the towel and will cease publication of its CD-ROM Callbook product effective with its winter 2003 edition, which will come out in November. "Due to accessibility to the FCC database via the Internet, sales have declined to levels that make it unprofitable to publish future editions," publisher Bob Hughes announced in a recent news release. In 1997, citing "rising costs and increasing demand for electronic publishing" the company phased out its telephone-book-size paper North American and international editions in favor of its CD-ROM product. The 1997 Callbook--the 75th edition--was the last hard-copy version available. The Callbook began publishing in 1920.

From ARRL Web Site



Michigan town eases pressure on amateur antennas

ARRL Great Lakes Vice Director Dick Mondro, W8FQT, reports that the City of Troy, Michigan, appears poised to loosen restrictions on Amateur Radio antenna structures. Mondro attended a meeting of the Troy City Council August 5 at which he and five other hams spoke. As a result, city council voted unanimously to send the current ordinance back to the planning commission. Council requested the planning commission rewrite the ordinance to allow a higher minimum antenna support structure without the need for a zoning hearing. "The mayor was convinced that this was essential due to the services afforded by Amateur Radio operators," Mondro said. The current ordinance in Troy--at 81,000 inhabitants Michigan's 12th most populous city--only allows an antenna structure 25 feet above grade or 12 feet above the roof, if roof-mounted. Anything higher requires the amateur to demonstrate that the allowed limit would "preclude communications." Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club President Phil Ode, AA8KR, said he, club members and individual amateurs have been working with city officials over the past few months to gain a more liberal interpretation. He said he's hoping to secure at least a 75-foot minimum for antenna support structures before a zoning hearing is needed. In his remarks to council, Mondro mentioned the recent federal grant to ARRL that will support emergency communications training and certification. He also explained the ARES and RACES programs and the involvement of amateurs in public service in the community and the state. Mondro said there were no dissenters present. Approximately 60 to 70 amateurs attended the meeting, which lasted until midnight. "Another victory for Amateur Radio in Michigan!" Mondro declared.

From ARRL Web Site

Donations for "The Big Project" top goal

ARRL Chief Development Officer Mary Hobart, K1MMH, reports that donations to the Education and Technology Program--more commonly known as "The Big Project"--have topped nearly $200,000--well beyond the original goal. "We've heard from 3400 ARRL members whose generosity has realized more than $199,000 so far for the Education and Technology Program," Hobart said. "The original goal was to raise $150,000 from ARRL members to support the program, so this year's campaign has been a success." Hobart said that during the course of the campaign, notes accompanying some contributions supported the unique educational initiative as one of the most important ARRL has launched in many years. "The future of Amateur Radio may lie, in part, in the hands of educators who recognize the power of Amateur Radio and are eager to use it as a catalyst in the classroom, in enrichment classes and in after school programs," Hobart said. She also cited the teachers who already use Amateur Radio in their classrooms who now are helping ARRL to develop curricula and methodologies to ensure the national program's success.

From ARRL Web Site

Amateur wins NASA award

ARRL member Nancy Rabel Hall, KC4IYD--a scientist at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Ohio--has won NASA's Exceptional Achievement Medal for exceptional and exemplary contributions in educational outreach. A presentation was made in Ohio August 2 at the 15th International YLRL Convention, which Hall chaired. The medal is granted to government employees for a significant, specific accomplishment or substantial improvement in operations, efficiency, service, financial savings, science, or technology that contributes to NASA's mission. The award citation said Hall has demonstrated "unmatched initiative, dedication and volunteer service in educational outreach to the pre-college student and teaching community not only in the greater Cleveland area but throughout the United States." Among other activities, NASA said, Hall spearheaded NASA Glenn Research Center's participation in the US FIRST national competition that combines sports with robotics to inspire high school students to pursue careers in science and engineering. "While the students actually did the work, Ms Hall shone in her role as a mentor, cheerleader, and a constant source of positive reinforcement," NASA said. The agency also cited Hall's participation in the NASA CONNECT program "Doing More in

Less" that was selected for the 1998 Aurora Gold Award under the category of Instructional/Science Education. This TV program was broadcast live in seven states using the PBS educational network. The program focused on microgravity research and featured Senator John Glenn. Hall talked about NASA's research in microgravity combustion science/fluid physics and answered questions from live audiences of primarily students. She also has been contacted by teachers to assist in science education and to provide resources available through Glenn. NASA pointed out Hall's work with high school interns to generate a cartoon series on microgravity now posted on the NASA-Glenn Web site. Hall also won the 1999 National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Pre-College Community Service Award.


From ARRL Web Site