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Post Office Box 1255, Manassas, Va. 20108

Repeaters -- W4OVH -- 146.970- & 224.660- & 442.200+

OVH Nodes -- 145.030 Port 2: 223.660 (SysOp Use Only) Port 3: 223.540 MHz





Next meeting: December 18, 2000

Committee Chairperson's!!!! Need your input for the Newsletter!!!


Message From One of the Directors


Greetings to All OVH Members:

Once again the Ole Virginia Hams have had a very successful year with a great Hamfest, and many activities that included good participation such as Field Day, VE Exams, J.O.T.A., Bike rides and the Christmas Parade. Again, a lot of club members made this all possible.

Special thanks to Art, Mike and George for Repeater support. Thanks to Bill for the Packet Node and Web Site operations. Thanks to Steve/KB4OF for doing the Newsletter, Jan for the Sunshine Reports, Jeff for the Thursday Night Net and Erv and Brian for the EC Activities and Jack for the Hamfest.
In January there will be a committee to select a slate of new club officers. I hope we can be successful in filling all four positions for the February elections. With December being the last meeting of the year, may all of you have a very Merry Christmas and much success in the New Year.




Post Office Box 1255

Manassas, VA. 20108




Vice Pres.: John Palcer K4KGU 540-347-3391

Secretary: David Lane KG4GIY 361-3042

Treasurer: Bill South N4WJN 590-9562


Don (Butch) Blasdell W4HJL 369-2877

Art Whittum KW4AW 791-4330

John Fritsch N4YOB 791-5995


Thursdays - 8:00 PM KV4AP (Jeff) 361-5865


Jack N4YIC 335-9139


Butch W4HJL 369-2877


Blaine KB4RKL 369-2877


Bill K4WRG 754-7913


Brian KE4NFK 257-9545


Erv KT4DS 335-1029


Ruth KU4WH 331-1234

Mary Lu KB4EFP 369-2877


Mike WV3H 753-9346

Pete KB4RME 369-2436

Mary Lu KB4EFP 369-2877

Bill N4WJN 590-9562


Tommy KA4AFU 369-2741




Bill N4WJN 590-9562

Blaine KB4RKL 369-2877

J.O.T.A. (Scouts)

John N4YOB 791-5995


Jeff KV4AP 361-5865


Steve KB4OF 368-6901


Jeff KV4AP 361-5865


Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill N4WJN 590-9562


Ellie KF4NBO 361-8059




Steve N4OGR 361-0008


Jim N3ODZ 361-2543


Art KW4AW 791-4330

Butch W4HJL 369-2877

Milt N4SN 369-7265

Mike WV3H 753-9346

Steve N4OGR 361-0008

Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Steve KB4OF 368-6901


Art KW4AW 791-4330


Jack N4YIC 335-9139


Jan KE4TMW 257-0897


Art KW4AW 791-4330

Alan KD4KBX 330-8844

Bill N4WJN 590.9562

Butch W4HJL 369-2877

Mike WV3H 753-9346

Jimmy WA2QEJ

The OVH Times is the official publication of the "Ole Virginia Hams" ARC, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Amateur Radio. The OVH ARC meets at 8:00 PM every third Monday of the month at the NOVEC Tech Center in Gainesville. Prospective members are invited.

Local information can always be obtained, at any time, through the usage of the OVH repeaters (146.97- & 224.660- Mhz). All are welcome.

Permission is hereby granted for the reprinting of articles and quotations in this letter, provided full credit is given to the OVH ARC, and the author of the article. Contribution of printed articles by both members and non-members is encouraged. The deadline for submissions is the 5th of each month. Submissions should be forwarded to OVH TIMES EDITOR: Steve Meade KB4OF, PO Box 1418, Manassas, VA 20108-1418, or to sameade@erols.com

Letters to the Editor and Classified Ads are accepted and welcome. Approx. Circulation - 170

Minutes of the OVH Meeting

20 November 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 PM by John Fritsch/N4YOB acting as Chair.Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 16 Members.

The past month's minutes and current financial status were approved by the membership.

Committee Reports

JOTA: John Fritsch/N4YOB - This year's JOTA was held at the Urbanna swim club. Good facilities and good turnout. 15 scouts participated and included a QRP rig. Next year, we are expecting the same group, along with members of the Girl Scouts. Contacts were made with sites in New York, New Jersey, Richmond and Texas. Thanks all around to all who helped out. Pictures to come to the web site and we got press in the Journal Messenger.

Hamfest: Jack McDermott/N4YIC - Contracts for the out years (beyond the next two) still pending. The recommendation is not to move the date of the Hamfest from the current date. The county will not allow any signs.

Packet/Web: Bill South/N4WJN - The radio repaired at club expense is back up on 220 and the forwarding is back in gear. There are good links on 10m through Arizona/N7OO. You can link through Bill by telneting to n4wjn.ampr.org. The connection is still running at 1200 baud so it is a little slow.

Repeater: Art Whittum/KW4AW - Paging company has finally fixed their node - cracked antenna housing. Butch/W4HJL and Art/KW4AW went out to the site to figure out why the 440 was tripping after being moved to its own circuit. Receiver crystal was tuned low and after some field tuning, it seems to be back in tune and working. Currently the crew is "redecorating" and dressing cables so that the door can be closed without crimping or crushing the cables. Modules for PL are currently on the bench and are next to be installed so that we will have tone on all three nodes for both send and receive. Art is also scanning around to find packet activity. He has three bands to go.

ARES: Brian Cochran/KE4NFK/Steve Frick/N4OGR - ARES regional meeting is set for December 2, 2000. Price William needs an Emergency Coordinator. The Christmas parade is being run by a different group this year, and as such, there are some changes. Most know about the under 8 years old will ride rule, but they are also hoping to cut the parade time from 4 hours to 90 minutes. They have requested to borrow our amplifier and horns for the judges review stand. John/N4YOB and Jack/N4YIC have volunteered to set it up. Brian needs more help. Members and other Amateur's wishing to help should give Brian a call soonest.

Membership: Jeff Poulin/KV4AP - Nothing is pending.

Scholarships: Jack McDermott/N4YIC - Waiting on the end of the school year.

Next meeting is December 18 2000. Don "Butch" Blasdell/W4HJL is chair.





Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday to our friends and fellow Hams: Andy/KD4RHB, Alan/KD4KBX, Ken/W5AOC, Charlie/WA1FFX, John/K4KGU, Sam/WB4FGS, Bill/N4WJN, George/N4XSL, and Richard/KE4TMV.

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers, the wife of Bob McCann, N4RL, who recently had major surgery. She is out of ICU and as soon as we are allowed, the club will send our best wishes to her.

Have a great holiday season, and may all your Ham-related wishes come true!

73 de Jan/KE4TMW

OVH WEB Updates

From: "Bill South" wbsouth@erols.com

Subject: OVH Meeting this Monday/ OVH WEB Updates

Monthly reminder that the December OVH meeting is this Monday the 18th, 8pm at the NOVEC Training facility in Gainesville. Details and directions are on the OVH WEB. Also, all OVH Meeting Minutes and copies of the OVH Newsletter, "The Ole Virginia Times", are available on the OVH WEB.

And, don't forget that the OVH is hosting a VE testing session, December 16th, at the NOVA Manassas campus. Get that ham license upgrade now!! Again, details are available on the OVH WEB at http://www.qsl.net/olevahams.


ARLS023 Shepherd makes first casual QSOs from ISS

The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program has announced that Commander William ''Shep'' Shepherd, KD5GSL, has made the first casual Amateur Radio contacts from Space Station Alpha.

Shepherd reports that he was able to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule on Friday, November 17, to engage in contacts with a few lucky hams. Before then, the only Amateur Radio contacts involved engineering test passes between the ISS and Russian and US amateur facilities.

ARISS spokesman Will Marchant, KC6ROL, says that with the recent arrival at ISS of a Progress cargo craft, the crew will have to redouble its work pace. The space shuttle Endeavour STS-97 mission to the ISS will launch November 30, so the Expedition 1 crew will continue to put in some long hours preparing for its arrival. Endeavour is carrying a large new solar panel for the ISS that will permit the station to be fully powered for the first time.

More information about Amateur Radio on the International Space Station is available on the ARISS Web site, http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov/.


ARLS022 Limited AO-40 use possible in near future

Plans are in place to make AO-40 available for a limited period of general amateur use ''possibly within a week or two,'' says AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH. Launched November 16, the next-generation Amateur Radio satellite formerly known as Phase 3D remains for now in a geostationary transfer orbit while initial housekeeping and checkout procedures are under way.

Just when and how the ''limited operation'' will occur is up to the ground controllers, Haighton said. The provisional operation would involve ''one or two bands at a time.'' Since the satellite's solar panels will not be deployed until AO-40 is in its final orbit, full power will not be available.

Haighton said the most likely configurations for the limited test period would be 70 cm up and 2 meters down and 1.2 GHz up and 2.4 GHz down, SSB and CW.

Details of the limited test period will be announced.

AMSAT has stressed that the Phase 3D/AO-40 controllers are closely monitoring the power budget and the satellite's current orbital parameters. ''These two areas will be among the most important factors that determine what happens with P3D in the near future,'' AMSAT said this week.

From all indications, most AO-40 systems are working properly at this point, with the possible exception of the 70-cm transmitter. Phase 3D Project Manager Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC, says ''a problem with the 70 cm transmitter'' led controllers to shift the telemetry downlink from 70-cm to 2 meters, 145.898 MHz.

Phase 3D will not be opened for full amateur use until it's been placed in its final orbital configuration. That's expected to take about nine months.

For more information, visit the AMSAT-NA Web site, http://www.amsat.org/.


FCC TO ACCEPT INTERNET DATA TO IDENTIFY SILENT KEYSThe FCC now is prepared to accept a printout from an Internet Web site as sufficient proof of death to cancel a license in the Amateur Service. The FCC will continue to accept death certificates and published obituaries, and now can accept multiple cancellation requests.

According to a spokesperson in the FCC Licensing and Technical Analysis Branch in Gettysburg, the FCC now can accept a printed copy of information appearing on the Internet as adequate proof of death "provided the printout contains certain, verifiable, information." The Licensing Bureau also will accept a list--with supporting documentation--of multiple requests for cancellation of amateur licenses.

"It's basically no different than us taking requests today, other than a person can now send multiple cancels in one request and can also send documentation printed from a reliable Web site," the Licensing Branch spokesperson said. "We still require the same information."

According to information on the FCC's vanity Web site, http://www.fcc.gov/wtb/amateur/vnityfaq.html, individuals can report the death of a licensee by submitting a signed request for license grant cancellation accompanied by a copy of an obituary or death certificate to the Licensing Branch.

The FCC says it's been able to match up the name, address and birth date of the deceased included on some submittals it's received via the Ancestry.com site (http:www.ancestry.com) on the Internet. "The validity of these printouts as proof of death is equal to the same level of sufficiency as an obituary, in terms of reducing the risk of the inadvertent cancellation of a valid amateur call sign," the FCC spokesperson said.

The ARRL Letter, Vol 19, No 46