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Congratulations to the OVH team for another successful Field Day. In true ham spirit, you braved thunderstorms and torrential rains along with high winds which sent your tent tumbling. And, as if that weren’t enough, you added a fox hunt to the activities and managed to fit in a briefing for a couple of ARRL VIPs. Well done! Of course Field Day is more than just a chance to enjoy some outdoor contesting. It’s good training for our role in supporting disaster communications. Some of us still get kidding from friends and family when we tell them about this role. After all, everybody has a cell phone now, so nobody needs ham radio. But just how resilient is all that modern hardware? Well … here’s some fodder from recent events for your response. Among the fires which erupted across the… Read more »

Cat's triumphant return with the fox

Ole Virginia Hams Overcome Rainy Field Day

As field day approached,  all eyes were on the weather forecasts  and the forecasts were not good.    On Friday, the rain let up about 1 pm but started again when we gathered at the park to slingshot lines for the antennas.   We proceeded and got all the lines shot with the loss of only two weights,   The rain actually helped a bit here because the  school kids at the site stayed under the pavilion which made it safe for some of the near shots. As we gathered Saturday morning for setup,  the rain held off for a time.   We had another challenge since Bill South, N4SV, had always setup and configured the logging computers and no one else had.   Byron, AK4XR, took the task on and had them all working and logging to the server.  Bill , who is… Read more »

FIELD DAY – JUNE 23-24 2018

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W4OVH Members We will again have Field Day at Nokesville Community Park on June 23 and 24 2018 at the Nokesville Community Park.  All of the details including a map to the Nokesville Community Park Pavillion is on our calendar event at – http://w4ovh.net/event/arrl-field-day-2/ Setup starts 9:00 am on Saturday, June 23th Potluck dinner on June 24th at 5:00 pm – bring something and enjoy a great dinner Fox hunt follows Potluck dinner – bring your HT – some yagis will be available or bring your own Various events :  Shoot lines for antennas – at park on Friday June 22 at 3 pm.   Call KG4NXT at 703-789-6449 if you are coming. Field Day setup  – at park on Saturday June 23 at 9 am.   We could use your help. Operations begins at Saturday June 23 at 2 pm.   You can… Read more »

hamfest vendor

2018 Manassas Hamfest

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On June 3rd, 2018 the Ole Virginia Hams had their 44th annual hamfest at the Prince Williams Fairgrounds.  Although the weather was less than agreeable we had a good vendor turnout with 38 vendors who rented 80 tables necessitating us to even place a couple of additional vendors in the building housing the program sessions.  Sandy KM4JUS did a wonderful job in managing a very dynamic situation.  Additionally, we had 51 tailgaters and a gate attendance of approximately 345 brave individuals undaunted by the weather. A big thank you goes out to Theresa KG4TVM and all others for managing the club table out in the rain and cold.  Theresa and her team managed not only the table but prize drawings and announcements as well.  In addition, Jeff Fuller WB6UIE ran interesting program sessions to include discussion of software defined radio and… Read more »

VP’s Corner

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I’ll begin this month’s column with a thank you to Hamfest Chair Don, WA2SWX, and his team of volunteers. They worked tirelessly to fill the vendor hall, provide a top notch series of drawing prizes, and schedule some interesting presentations like the wireless weather station by OVH member W4KRL(http://www.w4krl.com). Those who helped carry those big wooden tables during setup and cleanup can testify that there was also quite a bit of physical labor involved. Unfortunately this year there was one obstacle we couldn’t clear – the weather. Pouring rain most of the day really put a damper on attendance and resulting revenue. We’ll hope for better luck next year. Recruiting is up with several new members joining the club over the last two months. Some, like myself, started hamming as youngsters and are returning years later to enjoy the hobby… Read more »

Pinkie’s Corner

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Pinkie Pig here!  The last few weeks have been rather hectic.  The hams have been assisting at various events around the area, and then there was Hamfest! We had a light turn-out at the May meeting.  Don M. gave a great presentation on UBITX, which went right over my little pink head. So, don’t ask me any questions!  (I thought it was a new breed of dog, but what do I know?   I’m only a pig!)  Peaches did not attend, as usual.  It was raining, and I think she’s afraid of rain!  Perhaps it was for the best because I heard some talk about “bacon”! We also read in another club member for my fan club! Hamfest was upon us before I could pry Peaches off the couch.  The day started off dry, and then It rained, and rained, and… Read more »


Manassas Hamfest 2018 Is Here

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Hamfest is Sunday June 3 If you are helping set up the event on Saturday June 2,  please be at the Chic Fil A at 9506 Liberia Ave at 8 am for breakfast courtesy of the club, then on to the Fairgrounds. If you are going to the Hamfest,  it is at the Prince William Fairgrounds starting at 7 am on Sunday June 3. If you would like to know about the Hamfest prizes and presentations, click HamfestHighlights_2018 If you would like vendor , admission,  or directions,  click hamfest web page Talk-in will be on 146.970 – the OVH 2 meter repeater The Hamfest will be held regardless of weather.  

President Byron gives award to Theresa

Presidents Letter

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Presidents Letter: What a month it has been since our last club meeting! The OVH’s participation at the Manassas Airshow May 5th went extremely well. The weather was almost perfect for an airshow – not too hot, light winds and a very high overcast; the forecast rains held off until after the Airshow was over. Overall attendance estimates for the Airshow were around 10,000. It was a great opportunity to get our club out into the public view and hopefully interest more folks people in becoming hams. A bunch of the club’s new “how to contact us” business cards were taken. Thanks to the OVH volunteers for putting it all together and for the long hours they put in to make it successful. Check out the article on the Manassas AirShow later in this newsletter and on the club web… Read more »