Ole Virginia Hams Repeaters

The OVH operates six repeaters: four FM repeaters (VHF and UHF), and two DSTAR repeaters (VHF and UHF) which provide communications coverage for Northern Virginia, including Prince William County, the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and the neighboring areas of Loudoun, Fauquier, and Fairfax Counties, Virginia.

The antennas for the 2-meter FM (146.970- MHz, CTSS 100.0) and one of the 70-cm FM (442.200+ MHz, CTSS 100.0) repeaters are each now located on the Prince William County Service Authority’s water storage tank on Mt. Pone, Prince William County. The antenna for the other 70-cm FM (443.500+ Mhz, CTSS 110.9) repeater is located on the Manassas City water tower in Old Town Manassas, Virginia. The 70-cm FM (442.200+ MHz, CTSS 100.0) repeater now includes Yaesu’s C4FM/FM capability; however, but full functionality may not yet exist due to ongoing testing, etc. for that new repeater.

The antennas for the two DSTAR repeaters, 2-meter (146.865- MHz) and 70-cm (442.5125+ MHz), as well as the antenna for the 1.25-meter FM (224.66- MHz, CTSS 100.0) repeater are each now located on the communications tower at the Northern Virginia Electric Coop (NOVEC) site on Lomond Drive, Manassas, Virginia. The functionalities of the two DSTAR repeaters are limited at present because neither has a connection to the Internet.

Standard shift offsets between repeater output and repeater input frequencies are used for all OVH repeaters. Because four repeaters have been recently relocated or newly installed, the previous repeater coverage maps became obsolete and are no longer accessible here.

Analog FM Repeaters

Callsign UsedOutput from RepeaterPL Tone / CTSSInput to Repeater
W4OVH146.970 MHz100.0 Hz146.370 MHz
W4OVH224.660 MHz100.0 Hz223.060 MHz
W4OVH442.200 MHz100.0 Hz447.200 MHz
K4GVT/R443.500 MHz110.9 Hz448.500 MHz

Additional information about the OVH Repeaters: A PL tone of 100.0 Hz is normally used on the W4OVH 2-meter FM repeater to avoid interference on the input frequency. Normally, the W4OVH 1.25-meter FM repeater is also linked with the 2-meter repeater, and when linked, a PL tone of 100.0 Hz is also in use and required to operate. The three FM repeaters at the Lomond Drive location can linked or unlinked remotely by the Repeater control operators. Other features available to OVH club members include time-of-day, repeater status (temperature inside/outside), and DTMF testing. The control operators can also remotely turn off or turn on the PL tones on each repeater. The PL tones are usually turned off during W4OVH Net operations and during public service and ARES operations.

DSTAR Repeaters

Callsign UsedOutput from RepeaterInput to Repeater
W4OVH146.865 MHz146.265 MHz
W4OVH442.5125 MHz447.5125 MHz

OVH’s 70 cm DSTAR repeater on 442.5125+ MHz has been in operation for since 2010; OVH’s 2-meter DSTAR on 146.865- MHz became operational in February, 2012. In December 2014, the D-Start repeaters had to be taken out of service due to work on Mt. Pone water tower on which they were then located.

The two D-Star Repeaters have now been reinstalled on the NOVEC communications tower site on Lomond Drive in Manassas and are partially operational again. However, their full D-Star functionality has not yet been restored because a live Internet connection is not yet available at that location. As soon as a live Internet connection is restored and tested, the information about how to register on the W4OVH DSTAR Gateway which was formerly available here will be restored.