Sunshine Corner

Greetings! I am sorry I missed putting together a March sunshine corner. Due to the extremely low mortgage rates in February & March, I was completely snowed under at work. I have been working from home for the last few weeks, as I am sure some of you are as well. Thanks to Paul, W4ZB for filling in for me. On that note, belated birthday wishes to the following club members: Fred, N3KVV; Scott, KM4FTD; Gary, K4MRL and Jeff, N1SN. Hope you all were able to celebrate! Happy birthday to our club members celebrating another year in April: Harry, KC4TXL; Harry, KN4IJY; Brian, KK4CBS; Gil, KM4OZH; Paul, N4PD; Joe, KI4OHR; Lillian, KK4MXY; David, KI4AZX; Paul, W4ZB, and David, KD4DEE. Also celebrating her 87th birthday this month is Annemarie, George, K4GVT’s, … Read more >>

VP’s Corner

As we hunker down in isolation during the current health crisis, many of us are finding our hobby a welcome way to connect with others. Not surprisingly, the press has reported increased public interest in amateur radio.  And OVH is receiving new membership applications. Looks like some opportunities for online Elmering may be on the way. How about some other activities to distract from cabin fever? Antennas. A traditional spring sport for hams in keeping with that classic quote “If your antenna stayed up last winter, it wasn’t big enough”. Tell us about your latest design, how well it worked and how you managed to hide it from your HOA. Or, how about your wackiest encounter with an HOA.   Exploring new bands. Could we maintain comms across the local area … Read more >>