Sunshine Corner

Here is a photo of Gordon during our presentation:

Happy Birthday wishes to Fred, N3KVV; Wayne, N4HCR; Scott, KM4FTD; Gary, K4MRL; Jeff, N1SN; Michael, KO4BCN; Matt and David KO4HIR. Welcome home to Chick, KC1PIA. He has been in Florida with family for the last 2 months and is back in Manassas. I think he is ready for some ham radio! Thank you to everyone that has donated to Steve‚Äôs N4OGR memorial scholarship. Enough donations have come in that the club will be choosing a winner in 2021 and 2022. Awesome!!! Thank you to Gordon, NQ4K for his presentation at the February meeting. Gordon filled us in on the Virginia QSO Party that is March 20th & 21st. I noticed during the presentation that there is a youth award so I asked Gordon if the youth needed to have a … Read more >>