Sunshine Corner

Sunset in Washington State

Happy Birthday wishes to Ken, KD4VA; John, KK4TCE; Karl, W4KRl; Matthew, KK4SYM; Stu, W4PR; Ronnell, KK4ZUR; Vern, K0LVS; Chick, KC1PIA; Duane, KK4BZ; Ray, KK4AQR and Andy, KJ4MTP. John, KG4NXT and I had a pleasant time at the Berryville Hamfest and did see several club members. Even with the little rain showers, it looked like a good turnout. Happy retirement wishes to Wayne, AG4ZZ and Jeff, K9VEG. Enjoy! Congratulations to Al, KB4BHB. His grandson, Joseph, just upgraded his ham license to General. Call sign is KO4REQ. I know Al is very proud!!! There is also a new ham in the Meyerhoff family. More information to follow! Congratulations to Jay, NQ4T on his Worked All States! Jamboree on the Air will be coming up on October 16th; we will very likely be … Read more >>