Hamfest Reasons to Attend

Some Reasons To Go To The OVH Manassas Hamfest

Everyone has different sets of reasons, motivations and interests for attending a one day hamfest such as the OVH Manassas Hamfest. Some are:

  1. Look to purchase hard to find electronic parts, spares or gadgets – especially for electronic enthusiasts and homebrewers.
  2. To get information, look at or purchase new equipment, accessories and related items from commercial vendors – especially for newer hams and others planning or needing to purchase a specific items.
  3. Look for bargain purchases of older / used ham equipment, test and computer equipment and accessories – get there early because the best bargains usually go very early to the bargain seekers who get their earliest.
  4. Go with or meet up with other friends and enthusiasts or with other special interest group members who will be attending.
  5. Attend presentations or seminars at the hamfest to learn something new or to update knowledge or skills – see elsewhere on this web page for more information about the forums / presentations / special events this year.
  6. Take children / spouses / friends who are or may become interested in the hobby or who want to learn more – checkout elsewhere on this web page information about the Youth Lounge program at the hamfest this year.
  7. Peruse / purchase the ham publications – to stay up to date with the newest publication or to fill in collections of older ones.
  8. Take a VEC given FCC exam for a new license or to upgrade – VEC exams are usually given early in the day (in the morning) so be sure to get there early.
  9. Make new acquaintances with other enthusiasts.
  10. Have ARRL reps checks QSL cards.
  11. Tradition – the OVH Manassas Hamfest and taken place in June each year every year since 1974 and it can easily become a well established tradition to go to it.
  12. To have a chance at winning a door prize or sampling hamfest food; etc., etc.