Weekly Nets

Radio Nets and E-Mail Reflector Sponsored / Run by the OVH

  • VHF/UHF Net on OVH’s 146.97, 224.66 & 442.20 MHz FM Repeaters
  • The VHF/UHF Net is held each Thursday evening at 8:00 PM (20:00) local time
  • These three FM VHF & UHF repeaters are usually linked during the net
  • PL Tone is usually turned off during the net
  • All net participants can hear and communicate with all others, and Net Control
  • Format: Newsline, ARRL bulletins, club announcements, swap shop, and short check-in session
  • All members and interested non-members are encouraged to participate

80 Meter Informal Net on 3710 KHz LSB

  • The 80 Meter Net is held each Sunday evening at 23:55 Zulu (UTC)
  • This net is informal as there is no formal call up or check-in procedure
  • Participants call on the frequency to check in and join in
  • All members and interested non-members are encouraged to participate

OVH’s E-Mail Reflector System used for member email communications

  • The OVH operates a closed E-Mail reflector system for use exclusively by OVH members
  • You must have an email address and be an active OVH member to use the E-Mail reflector
  • Send a request email to David at kg4giy@arrl.net to get registered on the reflector
  • David/KG4GIY will register you to use the email reflector after checking your membership
  • OVH’s E-Mail reflector system is used to send and receive info of interest to all members