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Theresa – KG4TVM

Happy middle of the summer Birthday wishes for: Steve / KB4OF, Ken / WB4ZOH, Philip / KI4WGC, Jeff / KB4TT, George / K4GVT, Michael / KC4ZNQ, Sandy / KM4JUS, Dwight / N4GSD, Bob / KI4IST, Mary / KK4GOW, James / AA4KG, Jeff / K9VEG, Richard / KJ4ZIH, Luther / WA3FMO and Tony / KK4YZK.

Congratulations to the whole OVH club for a great participation during June – which is always the busiest “ham” month of the year for the club! Hamfest, meetings, Mini-Tri, Field Day, these events would not have been so successful if so many club members did not actively
participate; during June, you all came out in great numbers. Thanks to everyone including the Chairperson for each event!

Special thanks to Phil / AC4PL for feeding everybody at during Field Day, master chef Phil again did a tremendous job, certainly no one who attended went hungry or was disappointed!

Very best wishes to David, Al / KB4BHB’s son, on his last cancer surgery.

There are two Mini Tri events in July: providing communications support is fun for this run
extremely event put on by the race officials, please let Andy / KJ4MTP know if you can help!

The relatively close by Berryville Hamfest is right around the corner on August 6th. Lots of
OVH member go each year so ask around if you need a ride.

Safe travels to everyone on vacation, send us pictures!!!

Please try to check in to the Thursday night VHF/UHF FM net. You will hear updates and
information on events! How to do that is on the OVH web site at You will find us
on the 146.970 and 443.500 FM repeaters at 8:00 pm every Thursday evening.

73 Theresa KG4TVM

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