FIELD DAY – JUNE 23-24 2018

W4OVH Members

We will again have Field Day at Nokesville Community Park on June 23 and 24 2018 at the Nokesville Community Park.  All of the details including a map to the Nokesville Community Park Pavillion is on our calendar event at –

Setup starts 9:00 am on Saturday, June 23th
Potluck dinner on June 24th at 5:00 pm – bring something and enjoy a great dinner

Fox hunt follows Potluck dinner – bring your HT – some yagis will be available or bring your own

Various events :

  1.  Shoot lines for antennas – at park on Friday June 22 at 3 pm.   Call KG4NXT at 703-789-6449 if you are coming.
  2. Field Day setup  – at park on Saturday June 23 at 9 am.   We could use your help.
  3. Operations begins at Saturday June 23 at 2 pm.   You can operate even if you are not licensed because we will have control operators present.   We need Night Operators.
  4. Pot Luck Dinner.  Please bring a picnic dish to share.   We expect to have Chef Phil cooking the main dishes.    This is a family event and invite your friends and neighbors.
  5. Fox hunt.   Following the dinner, we will have a fox hunt.    The fox can be hunted on 2M or 440Mhz.   Bring your HTs.  Bring your yagis or other directional antennas.   If you do not have a directional antenna, we will have 5  440Mhz  yagis available for your use.
  6. Sunday morning breakfast  and lunch will be provided.
  7. Teardown  starting after Sunday lunch.

1 thought on “FIELD DAY – JUNE 23-24 2018”

  1. Well,
    this was my first Field day as a club member.It was a great learning experience for me.
    setting up the antennas and rigging emergency power.
    I got my first experience operating on HF thanks to John Heartney. Made some contacts ,but not near as many as a lot of others. Using his rig helped solidify my my choice of an HF rig. On June 30th I purchased my first one, An Icom 7300. A few days later the power supply arrived. Still working on getting an antenna set up and working.
    I want to thank all of the friendly folks who are helping me along with all of this.
    I think we had a great field day and much thanks to all!


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