Lifetime Achievement Awards – W1CRO and W4HJL

Lifetime Achievement Award – Butch, W4HJL

During the Year End Party, Lifetime
Achievement Awards were shown to everyone that go to Art, W1CRO, and Butch, W4HJL, still very active with the club (both are OVH Directors).  Because neither was able to attend the party on December 10th, We took the party to them! On Tuesday night, December 12th, Bob, W4HJF, Terry, KC4DV, Paul, W4ZB, Ray, KM4EKR, Sandy, KM4JUS, John, KG4NXT and Theresa, KG4TVM all drove over to visit Butch, recuperating at home to deliver his award.  It was great to see him at home after his recent adventures in the hospital. 

Lifetime Achievement Award – Arthur, W1CRO

On Wednesday, December 13th, Terry, Ray,
Sandy, John and Theresa drove to Arthur’s home
to visit and deliver his award.  It was wonderful to Arthur and Joyce too.

Butch and Art’s participation, leadership, expertise, friendship, etc. have been invaluable to the OVH Club throughout the years and these awards to them are long overdue.  Very well deserved Butch and Art!  Thank you.

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  1. To All OVH-ers: my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful award you presented to me the other night. I was stunned. More impetus to clean up the ham shack, so I can display it properly. Thank you. I hope I can continue to serve for a long time to come.
    Arthur, W1CRO


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