Mark Woodruff, N3HF – Silent Key

I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to the following ham radio operators – John O’Mara, W4NF; Mike Trowbridge, KA4RRU; John Elgin, WA3MNN and Stuart Mitchell, WAODJY.


My dear husband Mark Woodruff, N3HF, passed away in August, 2019.  These men have spent countless hours breaking down Mark’s ham station, going through many boxes of equipment, checking the equipment to make sure it still worked, removing antennas from the house and tower and then finally taking the tower down.  W4NF was instrumental in selling most of the equipment to other hams, locally and across the country.  WA3MNN is a friend of Mark’s who spent a lot of time traveling to help with all these endeavors.  Additionally, he and John Creel, WB3GXW are maintaining the N3HF repeater in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The other N3HF repeater in Ocean City, Maryland is being maintained by Rob Korb, K3ORB.

The work they’ve done has been tremendous and it has also unearthed some treasures for me.  I know it would make Mark happy to know his equipment is being utilized and continuing to keep communications on-going.    It is also a wonderful testament to the community of ham radio operators in how they stick together and help one another out.  Thank you again John, Mike, John, Stu and Rob for all you’ve done for me and N3HF. I absolutely couldn’t have accomplished any of this without all of you.


Carol Woodruff

Mark Woodruff N3HF
Mark Woodruff, N3HF

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