OVH Members Participate in Emergency Exercise

On November 18,  the city of Manassas and the city of Manassas Park held a joint emergency exercise for their combined Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).   The exercise was held at Osborne High School and involved finding victims in blacked-out rooms and the triaging and transporting the victims.

hidden victim

The purpose of the exercise was to use the skills learned in the class room and apply them in a simulated exercise.   The teams checked for bleeding , airway obstruction and shock.   One of the victims was under a table and had a knife protruding from her legs.  Victims were sorted by severity and transported to the medical treatment area.

Victims after Triage

The OVH members who had just received the training and were part of the teams were Ray , KM4EKR,  Sandy, KM4JUS and John, KG4NXT.   All these members were trained by Greg, KM4CCG , who is the Manassas park  CERT leader.    Also assisting at the exercise incident command was David, KD4DEE, who is also the CERT recruiter for the city of Manassas.

David , KD4DEE, at incident command


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