Pinkie’s Corner

Pinkie’s corner

Pinkie Pig here! Reporting in after a glorious day at the
Christmas parade. I was just tickled pink at the turnout!!
Congratulations and thanks to all of the team that made it
happen! I heard that HGTV was going to offer Theresa and Terry
a decorating job after seeing the fantastic job they did on the trailer!
We all “pigged out” at the catered breakfast at the
theatre. That was yummy!

I had a “swine” time riding in the parade with Terry. Let me
tell you, it’s no easy task getting up into a truck when you
are a pig! They make it seem so effortless moving about when
they run around and roll in the mud puddles!
I loved looking at all the people, but I think they all had
“bacon” on the brain! One actually called me a “ham”! I’m
sure they would have loved to invite me over, especially to
their kitchen! (Oh dear, I can hear the skillet sizzling!
Now I’ll have nightmares!)
I waved and waved until I thought my little pink arm was going
to fall off. I don’t know how Queen Elizabeth has done it for
60 years! There was one sweet little boy who grabbed my hand
and arm and hugged it when we were at a full stop —- he
thought I was cuddly!
Peaches rode on the console, and was really quiet. Perhaps
she was pondering our next adventure, and didn’t want to hog
the attention!
A good time was had by all!
Pinkie signing off ——- until next time!

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