OVH promotes our Tailgate at Thawfest

On Saturday April 22, Don, WA2SWX; Theresa, KG4TVM and John, KG4NXT traveled to Stanardsville, VA for the first ever Thawfest.

We had an OVH table and handed out Tailgate flyers and had some equipment for sale from Don and Jim, WI4EE. The hamfest was well attended and the table rows were so close that John got to the OVH table by crawling under the table behind us. Theresa took a stack of flyers and handed them to the table vendors and the tailgaters. All of us handed out flyers to those going by or stopping at our table. It was a very pleasant crowd.

Don found the the table on our right was manned by a lifelong ham who was an Orthodox priest. Also, the Thawfest people allowed us to bring our dog Annie inside to our table where she was a very good dog. Please see the two pictures below, – one with Annie at our table and the other has the Orthodox priest to the left with grey hoodie and long beard.

Annie the dog at the OVH table
Orthodox priest to the left in grey hoodie

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