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Pinkie Pig here!  We had a delightful April meeting after missing the one in March due to the weather.  I just don’t feel like leaving the pig pen when it’s cold and rainy!  Attendance was fairly light, but we managed to have a good time. Lots of topics and info about upcoming events were discussed.  It sounds like hamfest planning is in full swing!  It won’t be long!

Our speaker was Larry, from West Virginia.  His presentation was about illegal transmissions and deliberate interference.  He also talked about “fox hunts”!  I was worried it was going to turn into “pig hunts”!  And on top of all that, all that talk about “raspberry pie” made me hungry!  (Do you ever wonder how they come up with some of those names?)

We also have a few new members to add to the roster——more for my fan club!

Our big event this week was the wonderful dinner that was held for Theresa on May 6th.   We had a wonderful time.  Lots of folks were there to honor Theresa.

Theresa's dinner
Theresa’s dinner

We wanted to show her our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for her thoughtfulness, and for all that she does.  We wanted to let her know just how much she means, not only to the club, but to each of us personally.  She received balloons, a huge basket of beautiful flowers, and a keepsake plaque.  (Bob Z. was the mastermind in planning all this, and George created the lovely plaque!)  We were all happy that Butch was able to attend.  Thank you, Theresa, for all your hard work and dedication!  We all love you!

Byron awards Theresa plaque
Byron awards Theresa plaque

I am so disappointed in Peaches!  She bailed on the meeting again!  She mumbled something about watching reruns of “Green Acres”.  She finally admitted that she’s in love with Arnold, the pig from the show!  He’s such a ham!  Personally, I think she can do better!

It has been brought to my attention that there are “Pinkie look-alikes” running around at various events!  Those are my cousins: Slinky, Blinky, Winky, and Twinkie (he thinks he looks like Elvis —- really)!!!!! I’d like to get my little pink paws on them!  Can you imagine —- pretending to be me!  They’re just jealous!  Trust me, I am the one and only “Pinkie”!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting!  Pinkie —– signing out!

Theresa with Flower and husband
Theresa with Flower and husband

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  1. Well Pinky thank you very much for the kind words. By the way, there might be look alikes but there is only one Pinky!

  2. Thank you! I do try to be unique! And many thanks to you also. You are one of the most important members of the club. You go above and beyond with all that you do! You are very much appreciated!
    With love and piggy hugs,


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