Pinkie’s Corner

Pinkie Pig here! The February meeting was super! We had a huge turnout and club officers were elected. Theresa handed out yummy Valentine treats! (She is so sweet and thoughtful!)
The weather was great—-no snow and no rain. However, I did enjoy all those mud puddles last week! Perfect pig weather!
Peaches decided not to attend the meeting. She wanted to stay home, watch “Charlotte’s Web”, and drink pink lemonade. I got home and caught her using my pink umbrellas in her lemonade! The nerve of her!
I received a surprise from Andy—-a pink pig clock! It’s so cute! Thank you, thank you! I was honored! (Peaches is so jealous! That will teach her to steal my umbrellas!) I need to find a spot to hang it where Peaches can’t play with it! Last night I woke up and thought one of the kitties was having a spell—-it was the clock “oinking”!

Pinkie's Pig Clock
Pig Clock

It seems that almost everyone in the club has been sick with one thing or another. Hopefully we are all on the mend and “in the pink” now. As I like to say ‘better pink than green”!
Until next time—-Pinkie signing off

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