Presidents Letter June 2017


Now that the 43rd Annual Hamfest is in the books, time to start planning for next year. First though, I would like to commend Terry (KC4DV) and the committee on another great hamfest.  As you may know, Terry has decided to pass the baton over to Don WA2SWX for next year.  I am sure that the OVH can do attitude will continue. Due to the fairgrounds modifying their policy on vehicles in the building, OVH had to change the way vendors set up. For the first time,  OVH assisted with the unloading and loading of vehicles. This surprised all of the vendors. We had a lot of complements on this action. Most everyone said that we are one of only a very few to do this. This could have only been accomplished by a group of committed club members. With that being said, we had a large turnout for setup and tear down. We also had a large number of members who assisted with loading and unloading. None of this would have been possible without you, the OVH members.

We had a good turnout for the latest Mini-Tri this past weekend. It was larger than the one’s in the past. I think we all enjoyed this event. It is great to see the kids get involved in activities like this. Again, thanks to Shadow David Lane and Rover Andy Gamponia, along with the rest of the members who assisted with this.

What’s that I hear in the air?? What’s that I smell cooking?? Could it be…..FIELD DAY??  Yup that’s right, field day is approaching. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it is a weekend of endless contacts and listening. For the new members, or those that have an interest in the hobby, field day is like a one stop shop to see the possibilities of Amateur Radio. For the more experienced, it is a weekend to get on the air and make contacts. Everything from CW to Digital, it will be all there.  Hope to see you there.

With school letting out, I’m sure lots of summer vacations are starting to happen.  Hope everyone has a safe summer, maybe even make some radio contacts in out of the way places.

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73 Ray KM4EKR

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