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Theresa – KG4TVM

Happy birthday wishes in January to Justin KJ4LAS, Elizabeth KG4NXV, Chuck W4XP, John WA1STU, Ken KE2N, Milt N4SN, Ed WD4AVU and Woody N4MQ, hope you all have a warm and exciting day!

Thank you again to everyone who attended our Year End Holiday party at the Yorkshire Restaurant on December 11th, I think it was a great way to wrap up our busy year!

Please keep Terry / WA5NTI in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from the effects of his stroke. Check for details about Terry on the OVH’s email reflector.

Special thanks to Mark / WA4KFZ for putting on and completing the Technician Licensing course in early December for 8 attendees, all of whom have by now successfully passed the Technician licensing exam.

Thank you too to our now large VE Team for holding another VE test session on December 19th. The great group of VEs from the OVH included: Luther / WA3FMO; Steve (aka Ogre) / N4OGR; Ray / KM4EKR; Bill / WB4KLC; Byron / AK4XR; Al / KB4BHB, Mark / WA4KFZ; Stu / W4PR; Wayne / N7QLK, Chris / W0EU and John / KG4NXT. So many VEs were there that they must have been falling over each other during the session; nevertheless, a great job was done by all with quite a few new hams and hams with upgraded licenses. Mark’s Technician class had 8 attendees, each of whom now has a Technician (or higher) license; there were also about other 12 “walk-in”
examinees at the VEC session. In summary, everyone who took an exam at the VEC session got either at least one new license or an upgrade. In total, there were 18 new Technician exams successfully passed, 6 new General exams successfully passed, but no Extra Class exams passed. Also, the VEC session did have 4 candidates attempt General after making Technician but failed the General; and we had one candidate who passed the Technician and General, but failed the Extra Class exam.

Still more special thanks to Mark / WA4KFZ for holding another “What Next” session on January 7th. A lot of attendees and a lot of interest shown, and not enough time to cover many of the topics of interest. Another one will hopefully be scheduled soon?

It’s not too soon to be thinking about the Virginia QSO Party in March, more on this next month! Hamfest planning meetings are now happening once each month, feel free to join in. Contact Terry / KC4DV who is the Hamfest Chairman.

Looking forward to a busy 2017! If your name is missing from the list of birthdays when your month rolls around, please let me know –

Please try to check in to the Thursday night VHF/UHF FM net. You will hear updates and information on events! How to do that is on the OVH web site at You will find us on the 146.970 and 443.500 FM repeaters at 8:00 pm every Thursday evening.

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