VP’s Corner

As we begin National Preparedness Month,
Hurricane Dorian devastates much of the Bahamas
and begins its sweep up the east coast of the U.S.
Fortunately, it looks like northern Virginia will
escape most of its wrath. We may not be as lucky
next time. Now is a good time to check your
emergency supplies. Do you have enough food and
water for you and your family to last several
days? You can find information about recommended
emergency kit contents at https://www.ready.gov

In addition to the damage caused by their high winds and wind driven water, hurricanes
often spawn tornadoes and systems of violent thunderstorms extending many miles inland from the eye. The resulting power outages can last for days. Do you have backup power for your radios and essential items? If you plan to rely on batteries, please be sure to charge
and store them safely.

For those with
generators, remember to run
service and run them
          Two OVH members recently received an up close and personal lesson from another
weather hazard – lightning. Fortunately, both escaped without injury. Their shacks
didn’t fare as well. Damages ranged from downed towers to blown house wiring and
and computers. Join us at this month’s meeting for their stories and photos.






October 18-20 marks an important event for Scouting – Jamboree on the Air/on the Internet. It’s a chance for young Scouts to
experience ham radio first hand. Hear more about JOTA/JOTI and how you can participate from resident Scout Master Rob Hoitt, W4FSK, at our September meeting. Hope to see you there!

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