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Soon spring will be here, birds will be singing, and a young ham’s fancy turns to … antennas.

Yes, as part of spring cleaning, now is a good time to check your RF plumbing or maybe think about expanding your antenna farm (cover your ears Pinkie …)

A popular ham radio saying: “If your antenna stayed up last winter, it wasn’t big enough. After that last storm, I’ve
determined that mine was big enough …
Want to brush up on your antenna
theory? Learn something new about
gain, polarization, or baluns? Then
our latest additions to the OVH lending
library (right)are for you. W1CRO
donated several copies of each to the
club. Thanks Art! I’ll bring them to
the meetings where they’ll be available
for check out.

How about something a little more
hands on – like a simple mobile or
portable vertical for six meters?
Stay tuned … we’re looking at
options for a club project at around
$16 each.

Loop Antenna
Loop Antenna
(Adapted from xkcd.com)
(Adapted from xkcd.com)




I’m sure many of you have wrestled with an HOA (Homeowners’ Association) over permission to put up even the most unobtrusive antenna. The loop is one low profile design which seems to be gaining acceptance. As one of radio’s timeless designs, it has seen service as both passive direction finder and compact HF
radiator. Join us for a presentation by Mark, WA4KFZ, about his
latest design (above). Hope to see you there!

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