VP’s Corner

It seems our recruiting efforts have been paying off with several new members joining
the club recently. When you see them at a meeting or club function, please take a minute
to introduce yourself and welcome them to OVH.

Club recognition has definitely helped our recruiting. So, as spring approaches with Hamfest and other activities, this would be a good time to order your club nametag and polo, if you don’t already have them.

Nametags may be ordered from: http://www.thesignman.com/clubs/ovhcart.html

I have club polos in stock which can be customized locally with your name and callsign.      Email me your size.

This month in radio history …

A February 1902 Scientific American article on building a simple wireless station[1]is
credited with bringing the first amateur radio to the U.S.[2]

A Spark Transmitter
A Spark Transmitter
An Early Spark Receiver
An Early Spark Receiver








This year’s Virginia QSO Party, sponsored by the Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club, will
take place place the weekend of 21-22 March. It’s a fun contest as well as a chance to
check out your rig and NVIS antenna to see just how much of Virginia you can cover.

Here’s a link to their web page:


For more info about the Virginia QSO Party, join us for a presentation at the February
OVH meeting. A reminder -this month’s club meeting has been moved to Wednesday 19 Feb
at our usual time – 1930 local. Hope to see you there!

1. Collins: “How to construct an Efficient Wireless Telegraph Apparatus at a Small Cost”
Scientific American Supplement, Feb 15, 1902, https://earlyradiohistory.us/1902cons.htm

2. FCC: “A Short History of Radio With an Inside Focus on Mobile Radio”
Winter 2003-2004 , https://transition.fcc.gov/omd/history/radio/documents/short_history.pdf

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