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Duty Apparel MOLLE vest with pouches.
Duty Apparel MOLLE vest with pouches.

To those of you
who, although new to
both our hobby and the
club, have already
volunteered for ARES,
TriItNow, and several
other public service
events, a hearty
Welcome Aboard!

Rear panel added.
Rear panel added.

By now you’re no
doubt familiar with
the yellow mesh ARES
vests. They’re great
for making you nice
and visible to race
participants and
traffic while you’re
out there with your

MOLLE vest fully equipped
MOLLE vest fully equipped

But .. where are
the pockets? Where
will you put your gear
should you deploy in
support of a real
Here’s one solution.
It’s a rugged vest
with MOLLE loops from
Canadian company Duty
Their compatible MOLLE
pouches are ideal for
your HT, water, and
other gear from your
ARES go kit (right).
The rear panel needed
for ARES ID (top
right) is easily added
either from an old
vest or custom made
(see Andy’s).
This month’s meeting
will feature Jay’s
presentation of Field
Day in the California
Sierras. Don’t worry
– we’ll bring the HDMI
cable this time. I’ll
look forward to seeing
you there!

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