W4OVH in the 13 Colonies Special Event

13 Colonies Special Event

1300 UTC on July 1 until 0400 UTC on July 7

OVH was well represented in the 13 Colonies special event.    I probably do not have a complete listing but wanted to recognize those who I know about.  The object of the  13 Colonies special event is to contact designated stations in each of the original 13 colonies.   Each State has it own special 1 by 1 call – Virginia was K2B.

13 Colonies Special Event 2017

I believe the following stations had a “Clean sweep” : Al, KB4BHB,  Byron, AK4XR,  Terry,  KC4DV, and Gil, KM4OZH.   Other club members participating were John , KG4NXT,  David, KK4ZUU,  Kevin , KX4KU, and Wayne N7QLK.   Some of the members were actively sharing spots on the difficult to work stations.

Our own David, KK4ZUU, was one of the official Virginia stations – K2B.    David went out of his way to help OVH members by being available on 2 Meters during his commute and by offering to sked with any one who wanted to.   This was helpful because the other K2B stations were hard for us to working the Manassas area;  we were in the wrong skip zone and could hear stations calling K2B but could not hear K2B.

If you did join the fun this year, there is always next year.


John Heartney


1 thought on “W4OVH in the 13 Colonies Special Event”

  1. Thanks for the story John, I enjoyed operating as K2B, it was my 2nd year but it was a busy one. Next year I think the club should operate as K2B, if there is an interest I can contact the organizers, etc. I think FARA is contemplating this option as well so maybe we go into it together.

    Having a bunch of folks on FM Simplex from OVH and FARA would blanket the area well. Technicians can operate those modes and get a feel for contesting.

    My QRZ page has a link to my google spreadsheet log, in-case your not a member you can read the log here:
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Ev8p5PjO5q-aDm4aSxqLH2mkd8XjzgIsP-kfZIlf84/edit?usp=sharing (it’s rough right now, I have a few blanks to go back thru fldigi and jt65 to fill).

    I worked several OVH members, some within 1.6 miles of my home and some much further out or on our commutes to work as you mentioned.

    Ok I am going QRT.
    David kk4zuu (as K2B)


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