OVH Scholarship awarded

For 2021, OVH renamed the scholarship in memory of OVH Club Member Steve Frick, N4OGR, who passed away in January.  Many of Steve’s friends contributed to the scholarship fund, which raised $4400.  This provided the opportunity to have 2 $1000 scholarships.  The remaining donation funds will be used as part of the scholarship for 2022.

On Wednesday, June 2nd, Jay Moore, NQ4T, OVH Club President, Sandy Knight, KM4JUS, OVH Scholarship Chair, and Jan Frick, KE4TMW, Steve’s widow, presented 1 of the scholarships to Hannah Palmer, at her home in the Dale City area.

Hannah graduated from CD Hylton High School and will be attending University of Virginia, majoring in Chemical Engineering.

She ranked #3 in her class of 537 and loves math & science.  She hopes to use her skills in manufacturing materials to help save the planet, as well as work in pharmaceuticals to create medicines to help cure various illnesses.

During the virtual OVH meeting on June 15th, the 2nd scholarship will be presented to Deyan Saleem.

Deyan graduated from Osburn Park High School and will also be attending University of Virginia, majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

He ranked #10 in his class of 572 and is fascinated with science.  He has the passion to pursue research on ultrasound imaging devices, diagnosing & treating cancers.

OVH wants to congratulate Deyan & Hannah and wish them well in their continuing education.

Sandra Knight, KM4JUS

Hannah receives OVH scholarship
Hannah receives OVH scholarship

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