2021 OVH Tailgate Party Preparation


After months of planning, three planning meetings (one virtual and two in person) Ole Virginia Hams finally held its first Tailgate Party.

I wanted to share with you the amount of work that went into this event and to acknowledge the incredible amount of effort of the planning and implementation crews.

From the Tailgate event planning committee, we would like to recognize the following people:

With John, KG4NXT; Theresa, KG4TVM; Sandy, KM4JUS; Ray, KM4EKR; Don, WA2SWX; Ken, KN4DD; Ron, K3FR; Tony, KM4KLB & Gil, KM4OZH.

We would especially like to recognize Tony for the amount of effort he put into planning the layout of our Tailgate Party. Below, I have capsulized Tony’s nine page project plan in PDF format. I think this one page demonstrates the incredible amount of detail he put into his work.


However, it is a truism that no plan ever withstands first contact with the enemy.

In this case, the enemy was the weather. Our scheduled day for set up was Friday, June 11 and we received about 2 inches of rain between Thursday morning and Friday night.

At this time, we would like to recognize our implementation team:

John, KG4NXT; Al, KB4BHB; Tony, KM4KLB & Jim, KM4SXM

The following pictures appear to have a light fog in them. It isn’t fog, it is a light steady rain which was only happening at the time of these photographs in the afternoon. The actual installation took place around 10 AM where it looked like the sky had just opened up and poured water on everybody.

Semper Gumby – Always Flexible

Our team could have been Marines as they adapted and overcame!

The remaining photos shows both the size of the field that our team had to delineate, and after realizing painting the parking markers on the field was no longer feasible, adapted to bright yellow plastic tape.

If you look closely at those final photographs, you will see the yellow demarcation tape our team installed during the downpour.

A big hurrah to all involved!

Very 73,


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