Review: 2023 Tailgate Party

With the weekend behind us, it is time to take a look back at our Tailgate Party 2023.While we await the official numbers from our Treasurer & Tailgate Chairman Don, WA2SWX, I call it an unqualified success. It was our second ever Tailgate Party and I can say we have earned more than two and a half times our seed money. I have long held that “Good luck happens when preparation meets opportunity”. We were certainly well prepared.  Led by Don in his fourth outing as Tailgate / Hamfest Chairman, it was as close to a turnkey operation as he could make it. Your OVH Tailgate Committee met three times in 2023 to bring this together. With the Coronavirus days receding in the rearview mirror, our most pressing concern was … Read more >>

Tailgate Party in lieu of Hamfest 2021

VP – OVH With the weekend behind us, it is time to look back at our Tailgate Party 2021. If this event had a motto, it probably would have been Semper Gumby (Always Flexible). The planning committee had to work around the coronavirus restrictions for places to have our event and to even have in person meetings. But we powered through. The week of the event was an eventful one weatherwise. The days immediately before the event were rain soaked. But we adapted. There was a great deal of planning by many individuals before the event and as you would expect, on the day of the event, real life happened. We thought we were onto something with our event, because of the level of interest we generated before the event: … Read more >>

2021 OVH Tailgate Party Preparation

VP – OVH After months of planning, three planning meetings (one virtual and two in person) Ole Virginia Hams finally held its first Tailgate Party. I wanted to share with you the amount of work that went into this event and to acknowledge the incredible amount of effort of the planning and implementation crews. From the Tailgate event planning committee, we would like to recognize the following people: With John, KG4NXT; Theresa, KG4TVM; Sandy, KM4JUS; Ray, KM4EKR; Don, WA2SWX; Ken, KN4DD; Ron, K3FR; Tony, KM4KLB & Gil, KM4OZH. We would especially like to recognize Tony for the amount of effort he put into planning the layout of our Tailgate Party. Below, I have capsulized Tony’s nine page project plan in PDF format. I think this one page demonstrates the incredible … Read more >>