OVH supports Horse event

On April 16th and 17th,  OVH members supported the Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance race near Strasbourg and the West Virginia line.  The OVH members helping were  Gil, KM4OZH; Duane,  KK4BZ;  Mark,  WA4KFZ and John, KG4NXT.   Net control was Ed, KE4RL and other hams assisting were Zoe, KG4TAM; Tom, KN4UNR and Neil, KE2LEY.  Frank, WB1USN was assistant net control.

The event consisted of a 50 mile race,  a 30 mile race and a Ride and Tie race (RT).  The RT event had a team of 2 humans and one horse.  One person rode the horse and the other ran.   At various points,  the horse/human team pulled ahead and tied the horse to a tree.  When  the second person caught up, she got on the horse.  Meanwhile, the first person then became the runner.

Most of the communication was on a 2 meter repeater but contact the with drag riders (defined below) was by GMRS.

OVH’s own Duane, KK4BZ helps run the event and is also a horse owner and competitor.    He normally runs the “drag riders”.   The drag riders have nothing to do with quarter mile racing or even dressing up like Rue Paul ; it is the riders who perform a tail end charlie function for the horse race. On Saturday, Duane competed in the race and had Zoe run the drag riders.

Duane did well.  In his own words:

“My horse, Chick, was awesome. We finished 4th overall. Just a few seconds behind 3rd, but the best thing is that he completed happy and sound. Chick was definitely tired after hauling me around on a tough, tough course, but he never gave up trying to keep up with the more experienced horses. For him to get us into the top ten was a monumental task and not expected.”



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