Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating this month – Gus,
N4MLE; Scott, WB6EFW; Al, KB4BHB; Jim, WE4JJ; Maury, W4HYB; Ron, N4RDZ; Bill,
AF4LL; Mark, WA4KFZ; Steve, WB0AOD; Kyle and Lori, KC0EWN. Happy wishes for
a great year.

Several of our club members have been participating in Parks on the Air (POTA).
Jeff, K9VEG has just received a certificate for activating at Prince William Forest
Park 20 times. (Certificate follows) Jeff is trying to get 1,000 QSO’s at the same
park. Good luck Jeff!

POTA – For anyone interested in more info, check out Parks on the Air | POTA
You can also request information at the club meeting or on the email reflector.
Please watch the reflector and club website for upcoming events, as there is always
an opportunity to get on the air!

At the September monthly club meeting, I will have information about the Manassas
Christmas Parade and our club Holiday Party.

Every Thursday at 8 PM, we have the club’s weekly net. Please join us, say hello
and hear up-to-date information on club news.

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