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Happy 2024!
Happy Birthday wishes to these club members: Dick, WN7S; Harvey, WB6TTF; Jeff, WB6UIE; Art, W1CRO; Mike, KN4NDI; Tyssen, W8ZM; Scott, KN4ZMC and Gerald, KN4DWT. Enjoy your day!
REMINDER – February club meeting will be the 3rd Wednesday not Tuesday due to a meeting at the firehouse on our regular night. Hope to see you there!
Thanks and best wishes to Wayne, N7QLK, he was our club trustee for years. Wayne has relocated to sunny Florida, We will miss him, but he has been able to check in thru the internet to our Thursday night net.
Congrats to Gil, KM4OZH, our new club Trustee. Gil has been instrumental in keeping our repeater running smoothly!
Please make sure you let us know if you move or change your call sign, so we can stay up-to-date with your information!
Tailgate and Field Day planning meetings are in full swing. The events are successful when we have a great club participation. If you can help at Tailgate, please contact Don, WA2SWX. For helping at Field Day, please contact Cat, KM4PBD.
The Elkton Hamfest is Saturday, February 17th. John, KG4NXT; Don, WA2SWX and I are planning on attending. We have a club table and will be handing out Tailgate flyers.
Please send me your news, good, not so good and ham related info!
Don’t forget about our Thursday night net at 8 PM, a good way to keep up with current events and hear what everyone is up to!

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