Sunshine Corner February


Theresa – KG4TVM

Happy birthday wishes to the following club members: Roland WB4NWG, David W5DRR, Richard (no call) Gavin KK4MXT, Dick WN7S, Harvey WB6TTF, Jeff WB6UIE, Stephen KK4UZC, Patty KI4FQF, Norman KK4HDL, Art W1CRO and Katie

Apologies to John KI4OWH for missing his birthday in January, hope you had a great day!

February is election time for the OVH, a very appreciate thank you to Ray KM4EKR, Jeff WB6UIE, Byron AK4XR and Terry KC4DV for serving as the club officers this past year.

Butch W4HJL is home, very happy to hear this! We hope he is done with the hospital visits. Please do call or email him.

Joe KI4OHR is continuing to recover from his fall, glad he did not have to have surgery!

Get well wishes to Ken KE2N from his illness and stay in the hospital

Get well wishes to Hanna, Al KB4BHB’s wife, as she has been under the weather

Special thanks to Bill KM4KWX and his wife Kathy for bringing me a vase of fresh flowers while I was home sick.

If you have been ill from the flu, hope you feel better soon!

Mark your calendar the Virginia QSO Party is March 17th & 18th. Gordon NQ4K is scheduled to attend our February meeting to discuss the QSO Party. Jeff WB6UIE and John KG4NXT are both sponsoring plaques this year. PLEASE remember to turn in your log and put the OVH on the log as your club.

Field Day 2018 is ramping up, please contact chairman Byron AK4XR to get the details, planning meetings start this month.

Hamfest – planning meetings are under way, please contact chairman Don WA2SWX to help with this event. His email is

Don’t forget the Thursday night net at 8 pm every Thursday, please check in!

Also, please check out the club website and facebook page for up to day information.

Pictures of January Club activities follow.

Stay warm!



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