Pinkie’s Corner

Pinkie Pig here!  It was a splendid beginning to the New Year with a great turnout at our January meeting!  I was tickled pink to see everyone!  A few days after the meeting, several members came down with a cold/flu —- myself included.  Trust me, I was more green than pink for a couple of days!  I hope everyone has recovered!

Peaches thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.  She got her picture taken with several folks, and was very excited!  (I think she likes the attention!)  John wore his pig shirt, and Peaches loved it!  Now she wants one!

picture of peaches and John
Peaches and John
Peaches and Luther
Peaches and Luther

Looking forward to seeing everyone in February!  Stay well and stay as warm as a pig in a blanket!

Pinkie signing out —- until next time!


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