Tri-It-Now Kids Event and Manassas-Mini-Tri

Tri-It-Now Freedom Center Triathlon Event Road Course Safety

Last week Sunday, members of W4OVH met at 0630 in the morning to provide the Freedom Center Tri-It-Now events scheduled for that morning with Amateur Radio volunteers to provide road course safety and participate safety for all who participated in the multiple events.

Ole Virginia Ham members have extensive experience in event support communications, event course marshal and communications support and event course participant safety support for events like the Manassas Freedom Center Tri-It-Now triathlon events, the Manassas Half-Marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon organization which holds a multitude of race events in addition to its full Marathon, and the Old Dominion Endurance Ride 25/50/100 mile events.

An OVH member is assigned as the lead to coordinate with your event staff and write up an operations plan for the event that details what our mission is, where we will be located, communications frequencies and other essential planning information.  We can help to determine our optimal locations to keep participants in view and radio key information to the event staff to keep everyone informed of how participants are doing while on the course and to help ensure safety through communications.

In this particular event, we had sufficient club members assisting to allow Andy Gamponia to take on the role of a course “Rover” who could move amongst the various positions on the course in order to document the event with his camera.

This days events consisted of three separate races – the KIDS-TRI-TOO, a youth triathlon for ages 6 to 14, which includes very short distances in each of the 3 sports.  This was followed by the KIDS-CAN-DU at about 0800 which was a duathlon – a run-bike-run race of VERY short distances.  It’s was a low-key, fun event!  200 yard run, 400 yard bike,  200 yard run (all distances are approximate).  Then at about 0830, the adult event began; a Triathlon of swim 250 yards, a 4 mile bike and a 1.5 mile run.  This also included a Duathlon to bike and run the same distances.

W4OVH operators were

  • Andy Gamponia, KJ4MTP
  • Ray Knight, KM4EKR
  • David Lane, KG4GIY
  • Wayne Phillips, N7QLK
  • Greg Gresham, KM4CG
  • Mary Moon, KK4GOW
  • John Heartney, KG4NXT
  • Theresa Heartney, KG4TVM
  • Jeff Porter, K9VEG
  • Don Meyerhoff, WA2SWX
  • Byron Dillon, AK4XR

Additional members who regularly support these events but were unable to make it this Sunday morning are Sandy Knight, KM4JUS; Al Dugas, KB4BHB; and Terry Erlacher, KC4DV.

Below are our team in action along with some event photos.


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