WIRES-X Repeater Information

“WIRES” capabilities of the new OVH repeater: although the OVH’s new WIRES-X repeater is still not fully operational, those who intend to use it will need to spend some time learning and reviewing how to use its capabilities effectively.  The November 2016 meeting presentation slides by Ken / KE2N posted on the W4OVH.NET web site provide a very good starting point. One of the online PDF references buried within Ken’s presentation https://www.hamoperator.com/Hamoperator/WiRES-X_Bible/WiRES-X_Bible.html  sometime referred to as the “WIRES-X Bible” is worth special attention for learners.

The likelihood of “in shack” RF is always an issue, particularly when transmitting at higher power levels.  Who hasn’t gotten a mild, but startling “hot” RF burn or “shock” just from touching some metal object near his/her operating position while transmitting? In-Shack RFI also can play havoc with computers in your station.  There are many actions one may take to try to minimize this problem, and a lot has been written about solution approaches. A recent long blog posting on the FlexRadio web site contains a very good discussion of the problem and ways to minimize in-shack RFI. Look at: http://tinyurl.com/ShackRFIfixes

Your editor is still looking for a new home for a complete 20 volume set of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology – 1997 Edition; large size books, 30” of shelf space, excellent condition. This an very good primer and technical reference resource for all of the many topics presented; despite being 20 years old, virtually all of the comprehensive technical info is still valid. Reason for disposing of it: acquired a more recent Edition. If interested, contact the editor. Will give away to a good home, i.e., to someone who may be able to make good use of it; if anyone offers to buy it, the proceeds will be donated to the OVH.

How to improve your HF station and operations: check out https://www.contestuniversity.com/videos on the Contest University web site for videos in this subject area, excellent material by world class representatives.

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