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Sunshine Corner

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Happy birthday to the following club members:   Wayne, N7QLK; Kevin, KX4KU; Baofang, KK4JFK; Theresa, KG4TVM; Butch, W4HJL; Greg, KM4CCG; Jeff, WB4TT; Gene, KD4RHC; Charlie, WA4YGI and Joe, AB4QV. Special birthday wishes to Butch, W4HJL as he celebrates his 80th!!! Happy Veterans Day to our military, we do appreciate your service. Congratulations to Rosalie on passing her Tech exam, so this will be a change in her call from W1FE to KN4ZLY. JOTA was on a beautiful Saturday in October, very well attended by scouts and some OVH members. Thank you to everyone who helped with the scouts. The Manassas Christmas Parade is Saturday, December 7th.  Ray, KM4ER has volunteered to pull our club trailer in the parade. Thanks Ray!    If you would like to help decorate the trailer, please let me know. The club’s Holiday Party is Sunday, December 8th. … Read more »

VP’s Corner

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The approaching holiday season and year’s end are traditionally a time for reflection and giving thanks for our many blessings. This Veterans Day, let’s take a moment to express thanks to our veterans – the young ones who are in harm’s way today defending our freedoms, and those who have gone before, sometimes giving all.   I know my fellow vets and I have had those occasional days when we felt like just a small cog in a big machine and wondered if we were making a difference. In honor of Veterans Day, here’s a story about a young service member who made a difference by using his ham radio skills as a springboard to help create one of America’s WWII war winning capabilities. Young Radioman Harry Kidder took an interest in ham radio while stationed with the U.S. Navy… Read more »