OVH Supports The Manassas Mini Tri


Sunday, June 27th, 2021 marked the return of the Manassas Mini Tri, and once again the Ole Virginia Hams provided communications support and acted as spotters.

Andy, KJ4MTP was our coordinator at the event, which was held once again at The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center, Manassas, VA.

Scheduled to start at 8:15 AM, Andy wanted us there no later than 7:30 AM for our assignments and actual positioning. To get us there on time, Andy bribed us with donuts, but to be fair, he made us bring our own coffee. Oh well.

We did not have a full compliment however, so some Check Points went unmanned. Be that as it may, the Prince William County Police provided a very robust presence. There were five patrol cars each with officers where I was stationed, on Freedom Center Blvd alone.

We would like to recognize the following individuals :

Andy, KJ4MTP – Code Name “Shadow” – as our coordinator
Chris, KO4OZI – Check Point 1
Ken, KN4DD – Check Point 2
Dick, KM4UXE – Check Point 4
Jerry, KN4DWT – Check Point 5
Al, KB4BHB – Check Point 6
Oscar, KN4DWW – Check Point 7
Wayne, N7QLK – Check Point 8
Eric, KJ4MSW – Check Point 9

The sequence of the events was as follows:
MANASSAS-MINI-TRI at approximately 0815:
• Triathlon: Swim 250 yards – Bike 4 miles – Run 1.5 miles
• Duathlon: Run 1.5 miles – Bike 4 miles – Run 1.5 miles
• Aquabike: Swim 250 yards – Bike 4 miles
• Tri Relay: 2 or 3 person teams with each person completing 1 or 2 legs of the triathlon

While we were there to render assistance if and when needed, I am happy to report none was needed. Within this context, an uneventful race is a good race.

While a tad overcast and a bit humid, the weather for the most part, cooperated with us. The day certainly got hotter and far more humid, but the races were over by then.

The last of the races was over by around 11:30 AM. Plenty of time left for everyone to get back into their Sunday.

These were good races.

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