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Pinkie Pig here again!  The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to spread good cheer!

Everyone had a wonderful time at our Christmas party.  The food was great – we all pigged out.  Theresa did her usual bang-up job of organizing everything!   We collected a load of toys for the tots.  Awards were given out, and I got to have my picture taken with the Marines!  I was tickled pink!  I got to mingle and ham it up!  Who knew there were so many pig lovers!

Pinkie hosts Awards

Pinkie hosts Awards

We all had a lot of laughs, and I had a good chuckle over the poor fellow sitting at the bar in the other room who looked over and thought he saw a large pink pig!

Pinkie and Prez

Pinkie and Prez

Peaches wanted to stay home, watch Pippa Pig, and keep Jeff company.  I think he may have a touch of swine flu!  They missed a good party!

May your holidays be bright, and the coming year a wonderful one!

See you next year —— Pinkie signing off!

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