OVH VE Session

Grading table with John, KG4NXT; Jay, NQ4T; David, KY4MM

The OVH sponsored a successful VE session on May 27th with a total of 6 candidates and everyone passed! We minted 2 brand new Techs, upgraded 2 folks to General Class and 2 other folks to Extra Class. In a first for us, we tested a legally blind ham Dominic, KD4MEZ.  Bruce, KN4GDX read him the questions aloud. In order to help, the ARRL had sent us 2 versions of the Extra Class exam that did not have diagrams. It would be hard to read a diagram. The VEs who attended were:  Al, KB4BHB; John, KG4NXT; Mark, WA4KFZ; Jay, NQ4T; Bruce, KN4GDX; Sean, KO4TZO; David, KY4MM; Ken, KN4DD and Andy, KK4ADQ. Special thanks for Ken for getting us a free room at his Lord of Life church in Clifton. Please … Read more >>

First POTA Activation

James, KQ4CAX's first POTA activation

James, KQ4CAX activated Conway Robinson State Forest in Gainesville, VA for POTA (Parks on the Air) on May 21st.  James used FT8 on 20 meters using an end fed half wave antenna. He was accompanied by Don, WA2SWX and John, KG4NXT who also successfully activated the park. The solar flux was 170, which is good  but the K index was 4, which is not favorable.  

OVH promotes our Tailgate at Thawfest

On Saturday April 22, Don, WA2SWX; Theresa, KG4TVM and John, KG4NXT traveled to Stanardsville, VA for the first ever Thawfest. We had an OVH table and handed out Tailgate flyers and had some equipment for sale from Don and Jim, WI4EE. The hamfest was well attended and the table rows were so close that John got to the OVH table by crawling under the table behind us. Theresa took a stack of flyers and handed them to the table vendors and the tailgaters. All of us handed out flyers to those going by or stopping at our table. It was a very pleasant crowd. Don found the the table on our right was manned by a lifelong ham who was an Orthodox priest. Also, the Thawfest people allowed us to … Read more >>

OVH members activate Manassas Battlefield for Parks On The Air

Al KB4BHB, John KG4NXT and Gene N4HFW operate POTA

On February 25, OVH members Al, KB4BHB; Don, WA2SWX; Gene, N4HFW and John, KG4NXT activated the Manassas Battle field. We started at the visitor center but the rangers wanted us to operate in the “amateur radio area” in the picnic ground off Groveton road. We set up there and were glad of the windbreak on one side of the picnic shelter. We used Don’s Wolf River Coils vertical with 3 radials. The transmitter was the digital only QDX Digital Transceiver by QRP Labs which put out 5 watts. We had an amplifier but it would not key up. We needed 10 contacts and got 11, so it was a sucessful POTA activation. Once home, we found the problem with Tokyo Hy-Power HL-45b amplifier. It would not work on only 12 … Read more >>

OVH goes to Elkton Hamfest

Morgan K4RHD,(yellow vest) Rousseau KC4RCR, Al KB4BHB, John KG4NXT

On Feb 18, OVH went to the Elkton Hamfest to distribute OVH Tailgate flyers. Al, KB4BHB; Theresa, KG4TVM and John, KG4NXT left Manassas at 5 AM to get to Elkton before the 7 AM opening. We found the hamfest to be quite friendly and accommodating. After asking nicely, they let us take our dog Annie to our inside hamfest table where she was a good dog. We also saw Rousseau, KC4RCR who checks into our Thursday night net from Berryville and Morgan, K4RHD. Morgan is a published author, NVTN net control and exhibitor at our hamfests and tailgates. Click the picture for more pictures.

OVH supports Turkey Trot

Duane KK4BZ and XYL were runners

Early in the morning of Thanksgiving Day, OVH did communications support for the Manassas Turkey Trot, which is a 5k race event. We provided communications. The OVH members helping where Wayne, N7QLK (lead); Ken, KN4DD; Theresa, KG4TVM and John, KG4NXT. The race went smoothly. We did notice a large number of participants whose philosophy was ” Walk, don’t run”. Nevertheless, we all got home in plenty of time for Thankgiving dinner.

OVH VE Session Nov 19, 2022

OVH VE examiners

On November 19, 2022, OVH sponsored a VE session at a Centreville Library. Byron, AK4XR had secured the space. The VEs assisting were John, KG4NXT; Al, KB4BHB; Ken, KN4DD; Luther, WA3FMO; James, KQ4CAX, and Mark, WA4KFZ. Theresa, KG4TVM assisted with registration and ID checking.  She also prepared a handout which included a club application and the steps to follow to check on the application and pay the new $35 FCC fee.  We had 7 applicants and all passed. We have 5 new technicians and 2 new Generals.

13 Colonies Certificates arrive for 2022

13 Colonies 2022 certificate

The certificates from The Annual 13 Colonies Special Event are arriving.   If you get all 13 colonies, it is called a “CLEAN SWEEP”.   There are also bonus stations for the Liberty Bell, a station in England and a station in France.  Known club members participating include Al, KB4BHB;  Wayne, N7QLK; Ken, KE2N; Byron, AK4XR; Jim, KM4SXM and John, KG4NXT. Click on the small image of the certificate to see it bigger.