Local (OVH) Boy Makes Good


OK, so Michael, KO4HBU, is not a boy. He is in fact, a Prince William County Public Schools science teacher.

He is also a new ham and a new Ole Virginia Hams member. He was licensed at OVH’s VE Session @ the Nokesville Park on 8/15/20.

All of us with children and grandchildren know that raising them and teaching them is difficult. But when you add-in teaching them during the age of COVID, and all of those inherent problems, this becomes much more formidable.

We are talking about Michael, not just because he teaches physics, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences at Unity Reed High. We are also talking about what may very well be his greatest accomplishment in 2021. Michael was able to win a $5,000 grant from the Toshiba Corporation for his school. Specifically, for equipment for his physics lab.

When we first met Michael at his first meeting after being voted in, he told us that he was teaching STEM subjects to his students. He further added he hoped that by becoming a ham operator, he could incorporate that into his physics lessons, too. This dovetails nicely into the Ole Virginia Hams Scholarships Program, which also seeks to promote STEM subjects among students. So, Michael and the OVH have overlapping goals.

Michael, KO4HBU, Unity High School - Member Spotlight
Michael, KO4HBU, Unity High School – Member Spotlight

To read more about Michael & his accomplishment, please read this fine article by Prince William County Public Schools by clicking on the link below.

What a great way to make an entrance to our club, Michael.

And a big thanks to Jeff, WB6UIE, who first spotted this article and brought it to our attention.

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