Thawfest II

OVH had a table at Thawfest II in Ruckersville, Virginia on April 13, 2024. The first priority was to distribute OVH Tailgate flyers for our Tailgate Party on June 1. Theresa, KG4TVM, was able to distribute all but 5 of the flyers we brought, so that was a success. The second priority was to sell the TS-950SD HF radio and the SM-230 monitor that Bob Zaepfel, K4HJF, had donated to the club. We had brought them to two previous hamfests, but they did not sell. At Thawfest, we WERE able to to sell them. Jeff, K9VEG, also put one of his radios on the table and was able to sell it. Other OVH members at Thawfest included Bruce, KN4GDX; John, KG4NXT; Ron, K3FR and Woody, N4MQ.

Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER Happy Birthday wishes to these club members:  Harry, KC9TXL; Harry, KN4IJY; Brian, KK4CBS; Gene, KN4JMB; Gil, KM4OZH; Paul, N4PD; Joe, KI4OHR; Lillian, KK4MXY; David, KI4AZX; Paul, W4ZB; David, KD4DEE; Mark, KN4OGC and Paul, KO4UOO.  Enjoy your day! Condolences to Greg, KM4CCG, his mom passed away in March. Thank you very much to Gil, KM4OZH, for letting us park our club trailer at his home. The City Yard let us know that we needed to move the trailer and Gil stepped up!  Thanks to James, KQ4CAX, for transporting the trailer to Gil’s place and to John, KG4NXT, and Al, KB4BHB, for providing support the day of the move. Eclipse – I know Bill, AF4LL, was out of state taking in the eclipse. Anybody else have an interesting experience that … Read more >>

President’s Letter for April 2024

Greetings to all. We start this month’s letter off with last month’s VAQP back on March 16th and 17th.  I hope everyone remembered to put our club down on their logs when they submitted them. If you haven’t yet submitted your logs, you have until April 15th, 2024. A $1.00 donation to help defray the costs of printing and mailing is encouraged. Submit log entries by online portal or mail to: The VA QSO Party Call Box 599 Sterling, VA 20167 or e-mail them to: If you have problems, please send an email to Speaking of April 15th, Tax Day this year is April 15th. No extra time this year. Make sure your rich Uncle Sam receives his proper documentation from you on time. Back on March 19th, … Read more >>

OVH trailer moves to new home

New home with Gil KM4OZH

Our OVH trailer has spent a number of years parked in the City of Manassas Electric Utility yard. We recently received a phone call saying we had to move our trailer. The city was clearing out all non-city property to make room to store transformers for the new data centers being built. As we now needed a new place for the trailer, Gil, KM4OZH, volunteered to take it for a while. THANKS GIL. James, KQ4CAX, volunteered his truck to haul the trailer. On Saturday, April 5, James, Al, KB4BHB and John, KG4NXT, moved the trailer to Gil’s home. Backing into Gil’s place is never easy, but it got done. The trailer is now parked at Gil’s home. Click on the photo on the left to expand the article for more … Read more >>

Club Polos and Nametags

Jeff Fuller WB6UIE Welcome aboard to all our new OVH members. With a number of club activities approaching, this would be a good time to order club nametags and polos if you don’t already have them.         You can order your nametag directly from: I have a number of polos in stock. If you’d like to purchase one, email me with your size and I will bring it to the next club meeting. Available sizes Men’s and Womens: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL Prices Size          Price S-XL        $26.00 2XL         $28.00 3XL         $30.00 4XL         $32.00 5XL         $34.00 (Polos are 100% cotton, so you may want to order a size larger.) If you would like to personalize your polo with name and callsign, you can … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER   Happy Birthday wishes to these club members: Fred, N3KVV; Wayne, N4HCR; Scott, KM4FTD; Gary, K4MRL; Jeff, N1SN; Michael, KO4BCN; David, KO4HIR; Matt, (no call); Noel, NW5N and Michael, KO4HBU. Enjoy your day! On Sunday, March 10th, Don, WA2SWX; John, KG4NXT and I set up an OVH table at the Vienna Winterfest. Amazing turnout for this hamfest and we had several OVH members stop by the table to let us know what purchases they were able to make! Photos follow and if you are interested in the radio that is in the left hand corner of the table, let us now. It was donated to the club by Bob, K4HJL. THANKS BOB!!!! Virginia QSO Party is Saturday & Sunday, March 16th & 17th , hope to hear you … Read more >>

Winterfest 2024 – Big Success

OVH had a table at Vienna’s Winterfest on March 10, 2024. We distributed tailgate flyers and sold some gear. Table sitters were Don, WA2SWX; Theresa, KG4TVM and John, KG4NXT. Don sold all of the gear that he had brought. Every table was sold and we noticed that attendance was very good. We all saw people that we knew. OVH members that we spotted include Mark, WA4KFZ; Gene, N4HFW; Woody, and Gil, KM4OZH. PRIZE WINNERS – See here –>

President’s Letter for March 2024

Hello again, everyone. Welcome to what is shaping up to be a very wet March. In February we held our annual club officer elections during our monthly meeting. I’d like to thank everyone who participated. In a clean sweep, your entire officer cadre was reelected. John, KG4NXT; Don, WA2SWX; Gil, KM4OZH and I (Ken, KN4DD) were returned to our positions as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President, respectively, Also at our February meeting, Gordon, NQ4K, gave his presentation on the upcoming Virginia QSO party. His original presentation was over 133 slides long, but he graciously trimmed that down significantly to fit in his allotted time. And as usual, he was very well received. A big thank you to Gordon. Next, your annual dues, which are now $25, are due by … Read more >>