Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER   Happy 2024! Happy Birthday wishes to these club members: Dick, WN7S; Harvey, WB6TTF; Jeff, WB6UIE; Art, W1CRO; Mike, KN4NDI; Tyssen, W8ZM; Scott, KN4ZMC and Gerald, KN4DWT. Enjoy your day! REMINDER – February club meeting will be the 3rd Wednesday not Tuesday due to a meeting at the firehouse on our regular night. Hope to see you there! Thanks and best wishes to Wayne, N7QLK, he was our club trustee for years. Wayne has relocated to sunny Florida, We will miss him, but he has been able to check in thru the internet to our Thursday night net. Congrats to Gil, KM4OZH, our new club Trustee. Gil has been instrumental in keeping our repeater running smoothly! Please make sure you let us know if you move or change … Read more >>

President’s Letter for February 2024

Hello, Everyone, After a wetter than normal January, we have been dealing with slightly above average temperatures during the first ten days of February. Those of you who know me, know that I am not a fan of the “s” word (snow). So, I look at the recent rain and think “at least it’s not snow”. Still thinking of winter, I am reminded of the great American philosopher, Yogi Berra, who once said “it ain’t over, till it’s over”.  He was talking about winter, wasn’t he? Speaking of spring like weather, now would be a good time while we still have “see through trees” to get out there and check those antennas. Better now (and easier) than when the foliage returns. Our monthly breakfast returns this Saturday, February 17th  at … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER   Happy 2024! Starting the year off with a trip around the sun. Happy Birthday wishes to the following club members: John, KI4OWH; Justin, KJ4LAS; Elizabeth, KG4NXV; Erik, K4SOK; Joseph, KM4UYA; John, WA1STU; Ken, KE2N; Ken, KN4DD; Woody, N4MQ; Fred, WD4ASP and Cat, KM4PBD. Condolences to Andrea, KI4SXM, on the passing of her mother in December. Congratulations to Jeff, K9VEG, on becoming a CW Academy Instructor. Congrats to John, KG4NXT, on contacting 2,500 unique areas for Parks on the Air (POTA). Just wanted to thank everyone once again for the great contributions we had for the Toys for Tots in December. You all were very generous! Hamfest/Tailgate season is starting up for the new year.  OVH will be hosting a Tailgate event on June 1st, in the field … Read more >>

President’s Letter for January 2024

Happy New Year to All, A quick reminder: Because of the MLK holiday, this month’s meeting will be on WEDNESDAY, January 17th, and NOT Tuesday. If you took part in the annual ARRL Straight Key Night (SKN) on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, congratulations. I think we had a pretty good year last year.  In 2023, the OVH supported: 5 Tri-It-Now mini triathlons • A return to the OVH Tailgate Party (in lieu of Hamfest) • Another successful Field Day – This time with Cat, KM4PBD, in her inaugural sitting in the Chairwoman’s chair. And a fine inaugural event she produced, too. • Our annual support of The Freedom 5K and 1-mile Fun Run. • The OVH fielded 28 spotters for the 2023 Warrior Bike Ride, this year … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to the following club members: Tony, KM4KLB; Ed, KK4PHP; Jay, NQ4T; Dianne, KI4FVV; Bill, N4SV; Kelly, (no call); Alan, KY4DN; Byron, AK4XR; David, KK4ZUU; Marwood, KL7AW and Matt, KE7EX. Thank you to everyone that participated in the Manassas Christmas Parade, great club support!   George, K4GVT, posted a link to photos from the parade. It looked like everyone had a good time.    Thank you to James, KQ4CAX, for pulling our club trailer through the parade as an entry.  Thanks to Daniela, KQ4IKQ and Luis, KQ4GBC for decorating the trailer and riding in the parade with James. OVH Holiday Party, well the weather was not great, but it didn’t snow, so that is plus in my book.   I am very grateful to the club members and significant others … Read more >>

President’s Letter for December 2023

Greetings to All, As 2023 winds down, it is customary to review where we have been this year. With the pandemic in our rear view mirrors for over two years now, we continue our return to normalcy. The Ole Virginia Hams participated in, and oversaw the final season of the Tri It Now mini triathlons. We wish Ina Nenninger, owner & organizer, a happy retirement. Don, WA2SWX, and his team oversaw another successful Tailgate Party. He is also currently planning the 2024 Tailgate Party. It will be his last this time, as his house on the water is ready for his well-deserved retirement. He says he will be leaving us before January 2025, possibly as early as this summer. Cat, KM4PBD, took the helm for her inaugural run as Field … Read more >>

Local Hams Help with Manassas Christmas Tree Lighting

On Dec 1, several local hams helped with the City of Manassas Christmas Tree lighting. They are members of CERT – Community Emergency Reaction Team. The tree lighting involved Santa arriving on a VRE train, and then Santa got on a hay wagon and went to the grounds of the Manassas Museum. At the museum, Santa then talked to the crowd and the tree was lit, complete with artificial snow. After the lighting of the tree, Santa went to the ice skating rink and visited with the children. While Santa was listening to the children’s Christmas lists, there were also free hayrides for everyone. The CERT team was there for safety and first aid and they were a direct report to a police officer. This year that was Lt. Barahona.  … Read more >>